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Good News From Goldman Sachs & An Increase In Temp Workers

Posted On: July, 31, 2012 | Categories: Real Estate Staffing Job Tips | Staffing Agency Info | Temporary Staffing

Jobs increase as investing in the homebuilding industry transitions from 'neutral'? to 'attractive'? in Goldman Sachs report. In a recent Bloomberg article, Real Estate Reporter Prashant Gopal highlighted a Goldman Sachs report that marked US homebuilders an 'attractive investment as the housing market starts '˜strong' recovery.'? With the Commerce Department reporting new houses selling at......

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Temps Represent Chunk of Job Gains in June

Posted On: July, 19, 2012 | Categories: Real Estate Staffing Job Tips | Temporary Staffing | Customer Service

The 'temporary help services'? industry added 25,200 jobs in June, representing almost a third of the 80,000 total nonfarm jobs added by the U.S. in June, according to seasonally adjusted numbers released today by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics...

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Job Simulators: The New Interview Technique That Makes Experience Necessary

Posted On: July, 12, 2012 | Categories: Interviewing Tips

A couple years ago, companies like Google started using offsetting brainteasers in interviews to test applicants' quick logic. The days of prepping for an interview by memorizing your answers to the expected questions and polishing your resume with buzzwords like 'team player'? and 'motivated'? were over. You now had to show your problem solving skills......

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JWilliams Staffing Publishes Second Annual Guide On Building Industry Compensation And Benefits

Posted On: July, 11, 2012 | Categories: Company and Industry News | Customer Service

With home-buying activity the highest it has been in two years and interest rates at record lows, home builders are requesting the most permits in years, and as new construction increases, new jobs are being created. As California builders step up their hiring, they will find indispensable information in the newly-published 2012 Building Industry Compensation......

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Staffing Team Players You Can't Live Without

Posted On: July, 11, 2012 | Categories: Interviewing Tips

Dramatic changes have occurred in our industry over the past three years and the stakes are higher than ever. In general, our world has become hypercompetitive and staying in the game with less than the best players on your team doesn't make sense....

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Is Temping the 'Dating' world of the Job Market?

Posted On: March, 23, 2012 | Categories: Job Tips | Temporary Staffing | Customer Service

I frequently receive phone calls or e-mails from candidates who have been working on assignment with a company for a few days, and they tell me 'If they don't present me with a job offer this week, I do not want to continue temping for that company.'?...

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Every Assignment is a Working Interview...

Posted On: February, 2, 2012 | Categories: Job Tips | Interviewing Tips | Customer Service

For all these reasons and more...we remind our applicants that Every Assignment IS truly a working interview...Employers are calling out for supplemental staff because they need to find a solution to their problem... 7 times out of 10... it's because they need to add staff. At the very least, to provide coverage for someone who can't be there. That's why they call us. So you can be there and bring you're A-Game every day. If you do...people will hear about it, for our world is small, my friends. Our world is small....

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Notes from BIA Orange County Outlook Part 1

Posted On: January, 27, 2012 | Categories: Company and Industry News | Customer Service

Part 1 of our Notes from the BIA Outlook January 2012...

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Homebuilder hiring trends: you're being tested by JoAnne Williams

Posted On: May, 11, 2011 | Categories: Company and Industry News | Customer Service

Hiring in the building industry has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. You really have to be sharp these days to get asked in for an interview. However the interview is just one step in a long process. And that process starts long before you step foot in the door for your first meeting....

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Homebuilding e-learning program announced

Posted On: May, 11, 2011 | Categories: Temporary Staffing | Company and Industry News | Customer Service

JWilliamsStaffing, a provider of homebuilding sales professionals and premium training programs, announced the development of the first-ever e-Learning and Certification Program for Sales Professionals in the U.S. homebuilding and sales industry....

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