5 Natural Traits that can lead to a SUCCESSFUL New Home Sales CAREER

Posted: August, 17, 2015 | Categories: Sales and Customer Service

As the Nation's largest real estate staffing agency, we review thousands of resumes and conduct hundreds of interviews each month.

Always looking for the 'ideal' candidate, we have identified five natural traits that are important to all of our clients, traits that make the difference in getting our candidates permanently placed on a regular basis.

Here are the top five traits that predict a promising sales career in the building industry:

  1. Great Energy-Great Energy- Energy attracts energy, and enthusiastic energy sells! When a candidate attends an interview and exhibits a high energy positive attitude through their smile and facial expressions, posture, and the upbeat inflection in their voice, our recruiters know they may very well have a rising star in front of them! These individuals have a greater ability to paint the picture for a potential buyer, and genuinely get excited during the process.... they possess the ability to 'Sell the Experience'? rather than simply selling a home.


  1. Inquisitive Nature- While a positive attitude and high energy are a great foundation, they are squandered traits in a sales person if they are not accompanied by an inquisitive nature. Candidates that ask probing questions during the interview with the intention of learning, rather than to make conversation, are candidates worth strong consideration. A naturally inquisitive person will also want to know all they can about their prospective buyers in order to best assist them in the buying process.  This ability makes a prospective buyer feel understood and cared for and often leads to a sale!


  1. Follow-Up/Assertiveness- Recruiters are often surprised how many sales people forget that the very first product they are selling is the interview! A timely thank you note, following an interview, will unquestionably make a candidate stand out from the competition. Even better if they were also diligent in obtaining the interview in the first place. When a candidate displays an assertive effort to move forward, the likelihood of success working on the sales floor with a builder is greatly improved!


  1. Communication Skills- Simple communication, for some, is not so simple. When a candidate naturally and comfortably opens up during an interview, sharing their background and experience in a straightforward manner, while simultaneously finding common ground with the recruiter, this is an excellent sign. Candidates that possess the skill of artful communication are capable of making a buyer feel comfortable opening up to them and quickly forming a bond; this bond is strengthened during the sales process and often leads to referral business.


  1. Transferrable/Acquired Skills- The skills that a candidate brings to the table from previous positions are the building blocks that will assist them in making a career transition into New Home Sales. Some of the strongest candidates have backgrounds in Customer Service, Hospitality, outside sales, vacation sales, high end retail, finance, and the travel industry. Candidates in these fields have recognized their transferrable skills and are looking for a rewarding position where they are able to work with buyers every day to help them achieve their dream of home ownership!


Orginally posted on the Jeff Shore Blog: 

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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