Temporary Positions Yield Long-Term Benefits for Workers and Businesses

Posted: April, 27, 2015 | Categories: Company and Industry News

Whether you're a business manager or worker in need of short-term employment, temporary positions can provide numerous benefits. Skilled workers across the country are provided with experience, company insight and chances to explore their career options. Companies are able to receive assistance in extra projects, compensate for employee shortages and determine the hiring potential of temps. Either way, JWilliams Staffing can save you both time and money by playing matchmaker between our clients and professional temp candidates! Here are some of the top benefits of temporary jobs for both workers and managers.

Temp Job Benefits for Candidates:

Freedom of choice: By working through an agency like JWilliams Staffing, temporary workers have more freedom to select their assignments. If you have a variety of different job skills, you have the opportunity to choose which assignment appeals to you the most. This will help you narrow down what career field or employer best suits your interests in the long run. Additionally, temporary workers have the benefit of learning about a company before choosing to work there full time.

Flexibility: If you're like the millions of others who are hesitant to commit to a specific career path, or if you're just in a transitional period and need to get back into the workforce, temporary work can alleviate the pressure of a long-term commitment. During your time in each assignment, you can get a feel for the company and its management, office environment, work practices and philosophy before expressing an interest in a full-time position with the company. Even the most in-depth interviews and online research cannot give you this kind of insight into a company.

Balance: Many people struggle to balance their professional lives with obligations at home find that temporary work grants them some much-needed time for other responsibilities. This is a common choice for stay-at-home parents or new parents who already have the full-time job of raising a child, but also want to remain active in their current career field. Other people have spouses or partners with jobs that require frequent relocation, leaving few options for their own careers. Because some temporary assignments only last a few months or weeks, this allows a balance of home obligations and active employment.

Networking: In addition to providing important work experience and a chance to explore different career options, temping also grants you valuable networking opportunities. By getting to know multiple people within an organization, you will become more likely to earn a permanent position there. Even if you don't end up staying at your assignment as a full-time employee, your managers or coworkers can still recommend you to others who are hiring. Your work as a temp functions as a 'living resume'? in the job world, as opposed to a resume that just sits on a manager's desk. The first step is just getting your name out there!

Temp Job Benefits for Employers:

Cost Efficiency through Adjustability: Temporary workers often allow companies to adjust more gradually and easily to workload fluctuations and changes in staff. Many businesses have benefited from hiring temps in the case of full-time employee absences due to illness, maternity leave, vacation or sudden departure. In other cases, temps can provide qualified experience for unexpected or temporary demands, such as seasonal projects, employee shortages or special projects.

Staffing Flexibility:  Today's work force is often made up of flexible work arrangements, and most companies feature a mix of full-time and temporary employees. This increasingly prevalent trend has allowed many companies to experience a more efficient workplace and more opportunities for both managers and employees. While temporary employees get to appreciate the flexibility of today's job market, companies benefit by using short-term assistance to meet their own needs.

Employee Trial-Runs: Even the most thorough interviews cannot guarantee a full assessment of an employee, but temporary workers can be evaluated first without the commitment of a full-time position. Many employers hire temps as a cost-efficient way to recruit and assess the skills of new workers to determine whether they would be a good fit for the company. If a temp does not work out, it's simple to contact a staffing agency like JWilliams Staffing to remove or replace the employee, which is a highly preferable alternative to firing someone and finding a full-time replacement.

Save time: When you partner with an agency like JWilliams Staffing, your company is alleviated from the responsibility of being the employer. We take care of the time-consuming tasks of recruiting, interviewing, testing, screening, training and hiring workers to determine each candidate's best skills and potential job assignments. Your company can continue with business as usual, and we'll worry about financial duties, payroll expenses, withholding taxes, unemployment and workers' compensation insurance, background checks and other paperwork.

Organizations that choose not to maintain a full-time staff can fulfill their personnel needs by hiring temporary workers. Whether your company needs administrative support or short-term management positions, JWilliams Staffing can connect you with reliable temporary employees. Our candidates are carefully screened and undergo our top-of-the-line training programs so we can connect the perfect match to your real estate company.

By partnering with JWilliams Staffing, real estate companies can ensure that they get the most qualified and professional candidates, and job-seekers can expand their connections in their future careers. To learn more about available short-term positions or hiring temporary workers, visit the JWilliams Staffing website.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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