Candidate Spotlight: A. Mitchell of Phoenix, Arizona

Posted: May, 27, 2015 | Categories: Alumni Success Stories

After his valuable training courses and on-the-job experience with JWilliams Staffing, A. Mitchell became a very important asset to the builders for which he was assigned. He went on to become so irreplaceable to the builder that he was hired less than one year from attaining his real estate license. His clear determination to become an invaluable part of the JWilliams Staffing assignments led to a great opportunity. As a newly licensed candidate, A. Mitchell is the perfect example of how great training mixed with great work ethic can lead to a successful career. To hear more about A. Mitchell's success, read on!

JWS: Good Afternoon, A. Mitchell. I understand congratulations are in order. Tell us about your new position and the journey that took you there.

A.M.: I was recently hired by Meritage Homes, and I am a New Home Sales Counselor in Phoenix, Arizona.

JWS: Fantastic. What has been the highlight of your journey towards this new career?

A.M.: I received my real estate license in September 2014. This was a big accomplishment for me. The next major milestone was connecting with Ms. Glennis Dunbar, Arizona Regional Manager, with JWilliams Staffing.

JWS: I can tell you are highly motivated! Could you tell me a little more about how Glennis was helpful to you?

A.M.: My initial meeting with Ms. Dunbar involved a personal interview and a review of the official JWilliams Sales Assistant Manual. This was time well spent! I developed a strong foundation to begin my new homes sales career. Moreover, there were a few instances where I reached out to Ms. Dunbar for advice during the course of an assignment. Without fail, she always listened and provided excellent feedback and direction.

JWS: Glennis is fantastic because she has so much experience. She was actually a New Home Sales Counselor for several years, so I am sure she was able to provide accurate direction and meaningful coaching.

A.M.: I immensely thank Ms. Dunbar for her mentorship and leadership. Ms. Dunbar's superior real estate experience and working with JWilliams Staffing was a winning combination for me. I am now working for a top new home builder and am enjoying the experience!

JWS: A. Mitchell, another sincere congratulations to you; we are so happy to have partnered with you!

A.M.: Thank you!

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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