Direct Placement Staffing

Direct Placement Staffing

Direct Placement Staffing Solutions in the Real Estate Industry

JWilliams Staffing is a leader in providing experienced personnel to our clients in the real estate industry. From homebuilders and property management to vendors or partners of the industry, our team is recognized for the time they take to get to know your needs and company culture to find a winning match for the job.

Our industry experts can find you the perfect fit for direct-hire, temp-to-hire, or temporary needs and will handle the process with expertise from sourcing to hiring. We do the hard work for you, save you immeasurable time, and our results are impeccable.


Real Positions, Real Professionals, Real Results

With a primary focus and background in the real estate industry, our experienced recruiters understand & take the time to get to know your unique needs to find the ideal match for any position...

From professionals in Escrow, Accounting, Finance, Administrative Support, and Human Resources to Construction, Marketing, Project Management, and beyond, we carefully source, screen, and interview every candidate we send to you to ensure your satisfaction.



No Up-Front Costs or Fees

With JWilliams Staffing, you'll receive the highest quality candidates without any up-front costs or fees. We are a contingency firm, so you will only pay a fee if you choose to hire one of the candidates that we send to you.

We are so positive you will love your new employees that we offer a 60-day replacement guarantee. If it turns out a candidate you hire through us is not the right fit within the first 60 days, we will replace them at no charge.



Looking for a New Employee?

Contact our National Director of Recruiting, Lauren Beardsley at or 949-398-0068, so we can begin your search!

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