Payroll Services

Payroll Services



On Your Team, Not on Your Payroll

InstantHire™ payroll services are an ideal solution for organizations looking to try out a candidate or to expand their talent base without increasing their headcount. When you payroll an employee, JWilliams Staffing is the legal employer of your candidate while we send them to work for your company. Your team might utilize payroll services to:

  • Try Before You Hire: Preview your potential new talent to assess their qualifications and fit within your company before adding them on to your team and payroll.
  • Transfer an Employee: Mandated staff reductions but still need those hands on deck? Reduce your headcount and overhead costs by transferring your former employee to our payroll. Have them work as little or as much as needed to fit your budget.


The Benefits of InstantHire™ Payroll Services

Payrolling employees through a staffing agency like JWilliams Staffing provides numerous benefits to your organization, including but not limited to:

  • Savings: Alleviate costs (workers comp, liability insurance, taxes, etc.) while benefiting from the skills and expertise the candidate brings to the team.
  • Flexibility: Have your candidate work as little or as much as needed to suit your work flow, project needs, and budget requirements.
  • Risk Mitigation: Relieve risk associated with independent contractors/1099 employees, part-time employees, and internships (we are compliant with employment laws and classify all hires as employees).
  • Quality Hires: Evaluate candidates on the job for as long as needed prior to your formal offer of employment.


InstantHire™ Your Candidate

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