A Sneak Peek of the JWS Managers Summit 2015!

Posted: June, 17, 2015 | Categories: Company and Industry News

We're excited to share with you...
The JWilliams Staffing team recently held their annual company-wide Leadership and Management
Summit… and we can't wait to tell you all about it! During a three day conference, our entire internal
team focused on the company's core values, and commitment to creating a lasting, positive impact with
both our employees and our clients. The JWilliams Staffing investment and focus on our internal team is
inspiring and is what we believe creates the differentiator between us and our competitors. Founder
and CEO JoAnne Williams kicked off the event calling on us all to lead with courage and always bring our
best to the party. In keeping with the theme of leading with courage, the team was treated to probably
one of the most inspiring speeches on the topic you've ever heard by Mike Staver. Offering
straightforward, practical advice for leading courageously and driving performance, while also creating a
great place to work, he cuts through the superfluous with actionable insight into what needs to get


Our people make the difference...
Going hand in hand with JWilliams Staffing's genuine care for corporate and temporary employees,
another of Mike's topics focused on creating an exceptional customer experience. As we are in the
business of servicing people, people make all the difference in the ability to provide superior customer
service. Great customer service is all about caring and the commitment to maintaining high levels of
care is contingent upon effective communication, and creating urgency for clients and candidates. The
Summit provided the opportunity for our Regional Managers from across the country to spend valuable
face-to-face time with our scheduling department, strengthening synchronous collaboration and open
communication. By meeting face-to-face, our schedulers and managers had some amazing
breakthroughs that we can't wait to demonstrate!

Turning ideas and promises into action...
Our team always comes away refreshed from spending quality time together collaborating, eating, and
laughing, and are ready to take on new challenges. We are excited to turn ideas and promises into
actions! One promise (of many) that we focused on is the commitment to improve scheduling
communication and have recently upgraded our scheduling software. It's now better than ever so stay
tuned for details on the improvements. We look forward to sharing many other exciting take-away
topics such as insightful information on branding presented by Dana Kovach of Kovach Marketing.


Watch our blog and social media for more updates!

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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