5 Ways to Make a Great Impression at Work

Posted: September, 29, 2020 | Categories: Workplace Tips & Professionalism


Making a great impression at work is crucial for your career growth. When you impress your superiors and colleagues, they trust you to take on more responsibility, opening the doors to career advancement. Here are a few ways you can make a great impression at work.


1. Practice Proper Workplace Etiquette

Proper workplace etiquette is a general code of behavior that everyone is expected to observe in the workplace. Proper workplace etiquette is centered on respecting your circumstances and the circumstances of those around you. In other words, be kind, listen to others’ opinions, and avoid yelling or raising your voice.

For more tips on practicing proper workplace etiquette, see our article on The Core Values of Workplace Professionalism


2. Own Your Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, and your boss knows that. Just keep in mind, only those who own up to their mistakes leave a good impression. Ignoring your mistakes or pushing the blame on someone else will only make your employer trust you less. Once trust is lost, it is difficult to get back. Take full responsibility if you make a mistake and present a solution. Your colleagues will appreciate your honesty and reliability.


3. Offer Your Assistance

When an unexpected circumstance or crisis happens, or your co-worker or boss seems to be struggling to clear their plate, offer your help. Stepping up will demonstrate your leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. Just remember to complete all of your high-priority projects first before jumping in to help someone else.


4. Respect Your Coworkers

When you respect others, the respect is returned. Show your respect for your coworkers by sharing the workload, avoiding confrontation, and apologizing if you accidentally offend anyone. Before taking any large action, be sure you stop to think how that action may affect others before moving forward (and adjust accordingly if it may have a negative impact).


5. Represent Your Company Well

Whether you’re out in the field, at a company meeting, or at a conference, it’s your job to represent your company professionally. This means dressing appropriately, providing valuable input, staying off your phone, displaying your dedication, engaging with others, and preparing when necessary.

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