The Core Values of Workplace Professionalism

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What is Professionalism in the Workplace?

Workplace professionalism is characterized by your attire, behavior, attitude, and communication. The definition of professionalism in the workplace also includes your timeliness, organization, and dedication. In the following, we’ll show how you can demonstrate the core values of workplace professionalism in order to excel in your career.


Professional Dress

Dressing well shows your professionalism by increasing your self-confidence and creating memorable first impressions. Focus on wearing clothing that is well kept and meets the requirements set forth in your company's dress code.

For example, if the company you work for has a “business professional” dress code, typically the men will be expected to wear a suit with pressed dress pants and nice oxfords or loafers in neutral colors. The women will be expected to wear a suit skirt or pants with a polished blouse or button up, and, occasionally, a jacket, with closed toe pumps or flats. So, do your research and dress accordingly.

For more tips on dressing to convey your workplace professionalism, read our articles on dressing for success:

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Use Proper Workplace Etiquette

Many office etiquette rules align with basic human decency. In other words, be kind, don’t steal, and avoid yelling or raising your voice. Proper workplace etiquette is centered on respecting your circumstances and the circumstances of those around you.

Convey your workplace professionalism when interacting with your colleagues or customers by:

  • Responding to emails quickly and efficiently
  • Listening diligently to the person who is speaking to you, and not interrupting
  • Keeping your cellphone on silent
  • Maintaining a tidy workspace
  • Checking your emails for spelling and grammatical errors before sending
  • Arriving to meetings promptly
  • Respecting the privacy and boundaries of others
  • Considering the feelings of others and how your actions may impact them

Avoid common workplace pitfalls such as gossip or oversharing your personal issues with coworkers.


Be Punctual

About 15 percent of American workers are late for work at least once per week. Don’t join that statistic! Punctuality displays your professionalism and your respect for your colleagues, so try arriving 15 minutes early to work, meetings, and appointments. Punctuality also allows you the time to handle any unknown obstacles or issues that might arise while making you stand out as a reliable and trustworthy professional.


Be Organized

When you have mastered the art of organization, you will be more productive and quicker in reaching your goals. There are three general areas of your work life you should get organized in order to streamline efficiency: your workspace, your goals, and your information. For tips on how to do this, read our blog on How to Get Organized at Work to Reach Your Career Goals Faster.


Show Your Dedication to Your Job

Being a dedicated employee means showing others that you are purpose driven and engaged. Keep in mind, being dedicated to your job doesn’t mean you have to be a workaholic, or insist on toiling for long hours in the workplace. Here are some ways to show your dedication and professionalism:

  • Get things done (in a timely and thorough matter)
  • Be disciplined and focused
  • Be honest, polite, and fair to others
  • Maintain a positive attitude and demeanor
  • Be flexible and cooperative
  • Display passion for the company and your responsibilities
  • Go the extra mile in your work and to help others out







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