The Core Values of Workplace Professionalism

Posted: August, 19, 2013 | Categories: Job Tips | Tips for the Workplace | Dressing Professionally | Customer Service


A few months ago, we posted a blog that discussed how to show professionalism in the workplace. We'd like to expand upon #11 in that list: Demonstrate the core values of professionalism. In today's post, we delve into these core values and discuss how one can go about demonstrating them at their place of employment.

To begin, let's review what professionalism in the workplace consists of. Workplace professionalism is based on several factors including how you dress, carry yourself, the attitude you have and how you interact with others. The definition of professionalism focuses on the competence or skill that's expected of a professional. Being a professional in the workplace means much more than simply wearing nice attire or possessing a college degree or impressive title. Rather, a true professional possesses several important characteristics one can apply to any type of business.

Here is how you can demonstrate the core values of professionalism to show that you are a professional who takes your career seriously.


Dress for Success

When you project a positive business appearance by wearing professional attire, you will come across as a serious businessperson. You don't have to wear designer business clothing to work everyday to dress for success. Rather, you should simply focus on wearing clothing that's neat in appearance and that meets or even exceeds the requirements set forth in your company's dress code. It's important to pay extra attention to your appearance when you're meeting with prospective customers or clients. For more tips on dressing professionally read our recent posts on the topic, Building a Top-Notch Professional Wardrobe '“ One piece at a time and How to Find and Buy a Professional Wardrobe on a Budget


Use Proper Etiquette

The typical workplace is a unique environment wherein you're in regular contact with people you may otherwise not spend time with. This creates the need for basic etiquette to help ensure that you can get along with others while being professional and business-like. Etiquette is centered upon respecting your circumstances and those people around you.

Focus on being respectful when interacting with your coworkers, superiors and prospective customers whether you like them or not and even when you may not be having a good day. You can show respect in the workplace in a number of ways including not sharing your personal problems at work and by keeping your own workspace and shared areas clean and neat.


Be Punctual

It's estimated that about 15 percent of American workers are late for work at least once per week. When lateness occurs regularly in the workplace its negative effects can be felt throughout the environment. A general disrespect for punctuality can hinder workflow, lead to resentment and cause a harmful rift that divides employees. It's especially bad when leaders are chronically late for work as it sends an irresponsible message to employees that can lower office morale and lead to others being regularly late. On the other hand, when everyone shows up on time the entire workplace operates more smoothly as one unit. When you are punctual, it shows you're capable of honoring your word while projecting a sense of commitment toward your job and of professionalism in general.


Be Organized

Organization is a core principle of professionalism that cannot be stressed enough. When you have mastered the art of organization, you will not only be productive on the job but you'll feel better as you won't be constantly under stress to complete projects and meet deadlines. Employees with good organizational skills are productive, make better impressions on their superiors and receive more promotions than their disorganized counterparts. When your work area is neat and clean and you're able to do your work as expected because you've prioritized your assignments so they're done on time, you will show others that you are a professional who takes your job seriously. In short, you'll earn respect by demonstrating and maintaining professional-level organizational habits.


Show that You're Dedicated to Your Job

Being a dedicated employee is all about showing others that you have a good work ethic. You can be dedicated to your job without being married to it, so to speak. You should show up each day on time dressed appropriately, do your job well and avoid those common workplace pitfalls like gossip and sharing your personal problems with coworkers. Being dedicated is also about going the extra mile now and then by picking up that assignment everyone else is avoiding and by helping your coworkers out when needed.



By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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