5 Characteristics of New Home Sales Superstars

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There are many qualities that make up a sales superstar in the New Home Sales Industry. But what sets these top performers apart from the rest? After years of recruiting sales assistants for first-class new home builders, the five characteristics I have identified that are always present in new home sales superstars are professionalism, integrity, attitude, initiative, and passion – and when combined, they create a winning formula for success.

In the following, I’ll explore each of these characteristics in depth, providing you with actionable tips and insights that help you identify and nurture these characteristics in your own teams. Whether you have a seasoned veteran or someone just starting out in the industry, pinpointing these key traits can help you achieve a superstar sales team. So, let's dive in and discover what it takes to become a true sales superstar and succeed in new home sales



Workplace professionalism is characterized by your attire, behavior, attitude, and communication. Showing professionalism at work can be described in many ways but a sales superstar will have the ability to demonstrate each of the core values of workplace professionalism effectively and persistently.

 When reviewing the characteristics of new home sales professionals, it’s extremely valuable to look for the following core values of workplace professionalism within them: professional dress, proper workplace etiquette, punctuality, organization, and dedication. These characteristics will set your team apart in the competitive real estate market and generate consistent memorable first impressions for your home buyers. The article “The Core Values of Workplace Professionalism” offers an in-depth look at what these skills look like in the workplace. A sales superstar will demonstrate each the aforementioned core values of professionalism.



The difference between a new home sales superstar and regular salesperson is a new home sales superstar’s commitment to integrity. “Integrity is being honest, transparent, moral, and ethical. It is fundamental for New Home Salespeople to always do the right thing and treat their buyers and colleagues with respect,” says JoAnne Williams, Founder and CEO of JWilliams Staffing. New home sales superstars understand how paramount it is to their and the company’s success. A sales superstar embodies integrity and ethical practices, they have the ability to empathize with and work for clients in keeping their goals at the forefront of the process, creating life-long customers.

Purchasing a home is generally the largest single purchase a person makes in his or her lifetime, whether it’s a condo, a townhouse, or a mansion. Housing is the largest portion of most of our budgets. In 2021,  CNBC’s “Make It” revealed the findings of the “First Middle-Aged Millennial Survey” and reported that “64% of millennials (aged 25 to 40) say they have at least one regret about purchasing their current home.” The most common regret? Underestimating the costs involved in making the purchase and aftercare of the home.

In new home sales, your team can quickly mean the difference between soaring success and a broken client relationship. Integrity is a critical quality in a strong new home sales superstar, and being honest about the true cost of the purchase and putting the buyer’s needs first is what will set them apart, create lasting relationships, and inspire referrals.



As you may well know, attitude is everything in new home sales. A new home sales superstar will radiate a positive attitude and practice optimism throughout every step of the home buying process. As sales keynote speaker & Author, Jeff Shore says, “Sales success is 95 percent mental. If you don’t believe you can succeed or secure a contract, you’ll be proven wrong. However, if you maintain your optimistic attitude, you will have a significant competitive edge.” The way your team communicates and the way they think and behave will help you identify those with that superstar attitude and those without.

Look for the salespeople who maintain a positive attitude, are teachable, and display a friendly and approachable behavior during the sales process and even in instances when they make a mistake. A sales superstar will have a positively influential attitude that is almost contagious and will influence the mentality of those around them. Your team’s attitude affects your clients’ mindsets, the outcome of the sale, and your (and the company’s) reputation.



A superstar salesperson takes initiative. They consistently go the extra mile and are able to work independently and assess issues and provide expert solutions.

“You and you alone are capable of elevating the buyer experience with your product knowledge, positive attitude, and enthusiasm,” says Susan Hyland owner of Hyland Academy. A new home sales superstar is someone who takes the initiative to fully understand everything about your brand, your community, and your products. By possessing thorough knowledge of your products, they are capable of answering the important questions that help influence buyers all while solving problems that help move the sales process forward.



If your sales team isn’t enjoying what they are doing or learning something new every day, they might be in the wrong industry. Clients can tell when there is a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or simply being disingenuous. It will turn away the client when they feel their needs are not being met correctly. A sales superstar will demonstrate passion through a genuine interest in helping customers, a commitment to providing exceptional service, and a desire to succeed through hard work and perseverance. They are knowledgeable about their industry and they are enthusiastic about sharing that knowledge with potential clients.

New home sales superstars are excited to talk about the features and benefits of buying a home and can convey this excitement to the client/buyer. Passionate salespeople are persistent in their efforts to make a sale. They are not deterred by rejection and are willing to keep trying until they succeed. They will share empathy with their buyers and understand their pain points while offering solutions to meet their needs.

After the sale is complete, a passionate superstar will follow up with their client to ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase. They are committed to building long-term relationships with their customers and are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.


Professionalism, integrity, attitude, initiative, and passion are the five defining characteristics of a new home sales superstar. By actively seeking out these characteristics when building our teams, we can ensure success.


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By Rachel Lopez
Vice President - Arizona, Multi-Family and New Home Sales Divisions

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