Social Distancing Monitors

Social Distancing Monitors

Open Your Facilities Safely

With many states reopening (or discussing plans to reopen), businesses are creating their plan of action for allowing people inside. Masks, hand sanitizer, 6 feet apart…by now we all know the behaviors recommended by the CDC, but the challenge is enforcing those behaviors. A temporary Social Distancing Monitor can help your business run efficiently and safely by taking care of that for you.


Social Distancing Monitors: How They Can Help

Our Social Distancing Monitors are trained on the CDC’s guidelines for protecting others from COVID-19 & can help enforce your business’s safety policies. They can ensure that the following best practices are in place at your business by standing watch and offering polite reminders. 

  • 6 feet distances are maintained between individuals
  • No gathering in groups
  • Face coverings (where required)
  • Frequently touched surfaces are wiped down

Every community or business is different, so these services are customizable to fit your needs. Bi-lingual personnel available.


Temporary Staffing Solutions

We understand that reopening plans often include alternate or reduced hours. We are all operating in a time of uncertainty. Bringing in a Social Distancing Monitor on a temporary basis allows you to have them work only when needed & gives you the ability to seamlessly end their services at any time.


Scheduling a Social Distancing Monitor is Easy

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