Outplacement Talent Pool

Outplacement Talent Pool

Helping Workers find Employment During and After COVID-19

In a time of market disruption and uncertainty, we are doing all we can to put people back to work. As COVID-19 takes its hold on the nation, many business have been forced to shut down or pivot, leaving many talented individuals without jobs.

To support companies and workers during this time, we’ve launched our Outplacement Talent Pool. This offering allows companies to support their former employees in finding work while building talent pools of readily available workers.


Outplacement Talent Pool: How it Works

Any individual who has been displaced from their job due to the pandemic is encouraged to reach out to JWilliams Staffing. Our experienced recruiters will work with each individual to understand their skills and career goals to identify which employers or industries they might be able to help. As the economy picks back up, our existing and new clients will have a readily available database for hiring or re-engaging with new or former employees.


Join Our Mission

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact us.




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