Why Should My Business Use a Staffing Company?

Posted: July, 26, 2014 | Categories: Job Market Updates

While most small business owners are aware of the reality of high employee turnover rates and a competitive hiring marketplace when it comes to finding new talent; many employers are unaware of the advantages of working with a staffing agency versus handling hiring independently. Whether your goal is to temporarily fill a position, find a trial employee to potentially fill a full time role in your company or direct hire, staffing companies can save you time and money while increasing your pool of qualified applicants for any position.


Cost Savings

Any human resource professional knows that there is a significant cost involved in hiring talent to fill a void within the organization. Employers must complete background checks on potential applicants, contact references and test for drugs and alcohol abuse. Additionally, there is a cost involved in maintaining a large human resource department, advertising for vacant positions and paying overtime to employees who must fill the void during the recruiting and hiring process. A quality staffing company can help you to avoid or reduce many of these expenses. With a staffing company, background and security checks are completed by the agency, and there is never a need to advertise for vacant positions. Many agencies have qualified individuals ready to fill positions immediately, so you never have to inconvenience other employees with excessive overtime or increased workloads while waiting for the right applicant. The cost per hire is always predictable when working with a staffing agency, and that makes it easy to budget for the hiring process and remain fiscally responsible as an organization.

Time Savings


According to NACE, most employers spend approximately 22.5 days interviewing applicants before filling a position. If you take part in the direct hire process, that means one or more of your employees must dedicate their time to finding and screening an applicant during this time rather than working on other important projects. Executive staffing agencies are in touch with the top candidates in a variety of professions, and they continuously network with these professionals in order to have talent ready when your company needs it. By using their services, you can avoid the 22.5 day wait period, fill your vacant positions faster and reserve your employees' time for other important company tasks.


Sometimes an organization has a need, but it is not a permanent one. They might require extra manpower for a special project or during a particular time of year. Filling this need with permanent employees is costly and can result in painful layoffs that impact employee morale and paint a negative picture of your organization. With the help of a staffing agency, you can avoid all of this. Staffing agencies allow you to use contingent employees to fill the voids in your company when you need extra help the most. You are under no obligation to keep these employees long term or offer them permanent positions. Additionally, these workers are trained, skilled professionals who are ready to work immediately which saves you time, money and frustration versus training new employees for short term projects or temporary positions.

If you are a small business owner who is ready to find skilled talent to fill your vacancies, using the services of a professional staffing agency is the way to go. Going this route saves time and money, and it allows you to fill vacancies when you need help most while also providing you with a high level of flexibility. Staffing agencies have trained, motivated professionals who are ready to meet your company's needs. Contact your professional recruiter today to learn more.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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