Why Safety Is a JWilliams Staffing Core Value and How to Implement Workplace Safety

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Establishing core values will shape your company culture and guide your employees. When a team is clear on the overarching direction and vision and understands why specific core values have been chosen, they can be more confident in their decision-making abilities because they inherently know the expectations and standards that the company is passionate about which is critically important to the long-term success of the company and its employees.

JWilliams Staffing has five core values and is known for being committed to:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Being Performance Driven
  • Learning and Sharing
  • Community Giving

Each of these are equally important to our leadership and each drive how we interact with our team, our clients, and our talent.

Why Safety Matters at JWS And in Your Workplace

Making safety a core value requires more than following the regulatory requirements that include hanging cautionary signs and sending occasional reminder emails. It calls for comprehensive policies and a genuine commitment from leadership. In this article, we will discuss why elevating safety as a core value matters and we provide a blueprint for implementing safety initiatives in your organization. With practical guidance on embedding safety into operations, training, and performance management, you will gain actionable strategies for making safety a core value for your culture.

"When employees embrace safety as an essential priority, it transforms mindsets and increases employee wellbeing." JoAnne Williams, CEO

Guards Employee wellbeing and Boosts Morale and Retention

At JWS, our employees are the most valuable asset. By prioritizing safety, we can enhance the wellbeing of our staff. This includes providing proper training, protective equipment, safe working conditions, and emergency procedures. When employees feel their safety is valued, it leads to higher job satisfaction, productivity, good morale, and company loyalty, as employees have the peace of mind to give full attention to detail and precision. And they are more likely to continue contributing to the organization for the long term.

Operational Efficiency

Workplace accidents and injuries cost companies billions each year in medical care, legal fees, and lost productivity. By focusing on safety, businesses can avoid these unnecessary costs and interruptions. Well-designed safety measures also streamline operations and can improve productivity and quality. Safety incidents also damage a company’s reputation and brand, while a strong safety culture builds client trust and loyalty.

Enhances Productivity and Quality

By prioritizing safety, we can minimize workplace incidents and ensure our employees stay healthy and able to perform their jobs effectively. When employees feel safe in their environment, they can focus on their tasks without distraction or worry, allowing them to be as productive as possible.

It Enhances Our Commitment to our Employees & Clients

 Prioritizing safety is not only an internal matter but also affects our external reputation. At JWS, we believe our people make the difference and that we have a social responsibility to attract top talent and build employee trust. Safety, and the culture that supports it, is a source of pride for the JWS team. By making safety a JWS core value and part of our culture, we set ourselves apart as an employer and business partner of choice and we believe this could be a differentiator for you, too.

For these reasons we feel safety must be expressed as a core value.

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We take safety so seriously that we hired a Safety & Quality Assurance Coordinator whose sole responsibility is to visit our client facilities and ensure our hired talent are adhering to safety regulations as well as being mindful about our client’s workplace, so that visitor safety is also top of mind.

“More than one million people in the U.S. seek medical care after a slip and fall accident,” said our Safety & Quality Assurance Coordinator, Jaime Mercado. “That breaks down to more than two thousand people each day. Slip and fall accidents make up about 12% of total fall-related ER visits. Please be aware of your surroundings.” 

Given that the summer months are fast approaching, Jaime also recommends that you check out the CDC website for information regarding heat-related illnesses and how you can prepare.

How To Implement Safety Initiatives and Best Practices in Your Organization

To make safety a fundamental part of your organizational culture, put policies and procedures in place that ensure best practices.

Develop a comprehensive safety strategy that includes:

1. Regular Training

Provide employees with proper training and educational resources so they understand their roles and responsibilities in maintaining a safe work environment.

Perform routine training on equipment, processes, and facilities to identify any existing or potential hazards.

Empower employees to take corrective actions immediately to resolve issues and ensure compliance with safety standards.

2. Invest in Protective Equipment and Safety Controls

Supply employees with suitable protective equipment like safety glasses, hard hats, high-visibility clothing, gloves, and steel-toed boots.

3. Promote a Culture of Open Communication

Create opportunities for employees to voice safety concerns and report incidents without fear of repercussions. Address all reports promptly and take suggestions for improvement seriously.

Foster an environment where people look out for each other’s safety and well-being. When everyone takes shared responsibility, workplaces become safer for all.

Following industry best practices for safety and health will minimize risks and boost productivity. Make safety a core part of your business strategy and an integral part of your organizational culture.

Continuous improvement to policies, training, and equipment will lead to a sustainable safety program that protects your most valuable assets –your employees.


Make Safety Uncompromisable

Safety must be woven into every aspect of work and life. It starts with leadership commitment and training. A culture of safety empowers everyone to speak up when unsafe conditions exist. Making safety an uncompromisable priority protects employees and the community. The ideas above will guide you in bringing safety to the forefront in your organization and an integral part of your culture. When safety is a core value, the benefits are immense.

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