Why Now is a Great Time to Own a JWilliams Staffing Franchise

Posted: October, 3, 2013 | Categories: JWilliams Staffing Franchise Info

The JWilliams Staffing Franchise Opportunity

If you've been thinking about becoming a franchise owner, you should know that now is a great time to own a JWilliams Staffing franchise. As the economy is continuing to recover, banks are increasingly approving more small business loans, especially for franchise owners who are often considered as ideal independent business owners.

JWS is a staffing, recruitment and placement firm that specializes in the home building and residential leasing industry. We are proud to be the #1 real estate staffing agency franchise in the entire United States. When you own a JWilliams Staffing franchise, you will be associated with a name and brand that is held in high regard. Our business model is a proven success and we've experience continual growth since our agency was founded over 10 years ago'”even growing amidst the recession.

A Booming Niche Market'”JWS Recognized as One of the Fastest Growing Businesses in Southern California


The real estate staffing industry is without a doubt a booming niche market. JWilliams Staffing has consistently grown as a result of increased demand and market share by providing highly specialized services to real estate, home building and apartment/property management companies. In the September issue of the Orange County Business Journal, the JWilliams Staffing franchise was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in Orange County with a growth rate of more than triple the average.

Why Now?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment services industry, which consists mainly of employment and staffing companies, is poised to become the second largest job growth industry in the country. Considered a time-saver and a very cost effective way to hire people, a growing number of companies are turning to employment staffing companies to cover their hiring needs. These services have gained so much popularity recently that the staffing industry in the US has boasted $77 billion in revenue.

JWlliams Staffing is the leading source of staffing and recruitment solutions for the real estate industry. As a JWS franchise owner, you will be offering the company's proven staffing expertise to builders, property management and real estate firms who are looking for qualified, specialized candidates as well as new job opportunities for experienced industry professionals.

More Firms in Need of Qualified Workers Today Due to Housing Recovery

The number of available workers that employers need has declined as the country's unemployment rate has begun to improve. In addition, with the housing industry in a recovery phase, those real estate and building companies out there whose workforces have been depleted during the recent economic slump are now looking to find the experts they need to capitalize on the resurgence.

The American Staffing Association states that staffing firms in the United States employed an average of 2.86 million temporary and contract workers per day during the 1st quarter of this year. Because JWS is the leading real estate staffing and recruitment firm in the country, it has the solutions needed for clients to meet their growing need for qualified employees.

The culmination of these factors, and many others, has led to substantial growth year after year. Demand for our real estate staffing services are forecasted to increase and now is the best time to own a real estate staffing franchise! To receive more information about our staffing agency franchise and to take a self-guided tour, visit the JWilliams Staffing franchise page and begin the first steps towards a new quality of life!

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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