Top New Home Sales and Marketing Tips for 2016

Posted: February, 12, 2016 | Categories: Sales and Customer Service

“2016 is (refreshingly) a year in which professional service providers in our industry will need to do essential research in order to deliver relevant solutions to their builder clients.   A milestone year of authentic, non-generic customer engagement is demanded in order to effectively collaborate with clients and drive success and profitability.   The new challenges in labor laws, recruitment and staffing are being discussed by all companies and the ability to walk through these and other challenges as partners, will be key to client retention.” - JoAnne Williams, CEO, JWilliams Staffing

With the years going by so quickly, it’s so hard to keep up with sales and marketing techniques, both present and future. Right when you think you get ahead, it’s already December 1st and it’s time to start preparing the budgets for the next year, you know, the year that starts in 30 days! Lasso, the #1 New Home Sales CRM Software, teamed up with industry experts to compose a list of advice on how to make 2016 a success! JWilliams Staffing’s CEO, JoAnne Williams, was among the few to advise industry partners! To read JoAnne’s advice among the others, read Top New Home Sales and Marketing Tips for 2016!

By JWilliams Staffing

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