The Basics of Franchising

Posted: August, 30, 2013 | Categories: JWilliams Staffing Franchise Info

Did you know that JWilliams Staffing offers real estate staffing franchise ownership opportunities? In light of this, we'd like to provide our readers with some information regarding the basics of franchising. If you are interested in becoming a franchise owner, it's important to know some details about franchising and this unique way of doing business.

Why Buy A Franchise

In the United States, 41 cents of every retail dollar is spent at a franchise operation even though only 8% of retail businesses are franchised. This represents the powerful capabilities franchises have for building market share for new business owners. Further, franchising accounts for more than 2.3 trillion dollars in annual sales with approximately 4000 franchise companies.

Choosing A Franchise

In order to achieve success with your franchise business, you should have a strong desire to work in that franchise's specific industry. It's also essential that you believe you'd be more successful using someone else's established marketing systems and methods than you would if you were to open your own business and compete directly with them.

Buying A Franchise

When you buy into a real estate staffing franchise, you will be establishing a relationship with a successful real estate staffing business. You will be able to use the franchise's business systems to capitalize on its brand awareness in order to receive a good return on your own investment. As a franchisee you can leverage the use of the business, marketing and operational strategies that the company has proven as successful.

Marketing A Franchise

As a franchise owner, you will be provided with a very detailed, step-by-step marketing guide. The business you work with as a franchise owner will provide you with ongoing support as it wants you to do well. A successful franchise is a very positive reflection of the business model and brand.

Because you'll be associating your franchise with a well-established, successful brand, your chances of business success are much better than what they'd be if you were to start your own, independent business. Not everyone is cut out to be a franchise owner, but if you consider yourself to be ambitious and highly driven, a real estate staffing franchise opportunity could be the ideal way for you to earn a living. Learn more about JWilliams Staffing franchise opportunities at our Franchising page.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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