Seasonal Employees: Capturing Leads While Saving You Time & Money

Posted: June, 7, 2022 | Categories: Company and Industry News


As the nation’s leading Real Estate Staffing Agency, JWilliams Staffing knows what it’s like for our clients to be affected by seasonal shifts in business and customer traffic. We know when our clients are at the season’s peak traffic and when they need professional assistance. With summer almost here, vacations around the corner, and seasonal events at your new home sales or leasing offices, it’s time to start thinking about how to address the impending empty chairs & increased traffic.


Bringing in seasonal employees is a great way to have your offices covered in times of high volume traffic without expending much of your budget. Not only do seasonal employees help your company save time and money, they also bring professional assistance and experience to your sales or leasing offices.


Save Time & Money: The Benefits of Bringing in Seasonal Employees

Less Risk

Having seasonal employees at your office is a great way to “try before you hire”. Due to the temporary nature of seasonal employees, you don’t need to stress about potentially risky hiring decisions. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide if someone is a strong candidate without having first seen them in the field. The best part about hiring seasonally is that you are not obligated to keep anyone on board.


Bringing in seasonal employees also allows you to see how the employee reacts in high-stress situations or works with your current team. If your company is looking to hire full-time, this gives you the opportunity to evaluate that employee’s behavior for potential future employment.


Less Cost

Trying to be budget friendly this summer? Seasonal employees cost you less. Since seasonal positions are part-time & temporary positions, you are not required to provide costly benefits, taxes, workers compensation, FICA/Medicare, and paid training. In addition, wages for seasonal employees are generally lower than full-time employees.


Less Time

The best part about seasonal employees is the amount of time you save. With JWilliams Staffing, it’s as easy as placing an order. We’ll take the load off your plate by doing all of the recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training to provide you with the best team of professional candidates ready to cover your new home sales & leasing offices at a moment’s notice.


“Help!”: When to Bring in a Seasonal Employee

  • Summer Staffing/Vacations: Don’t leave your sales or leasing office empty while you’re away! Bringing in a seasonal employee will ensure that your office is covered so you can sit back and relax.
  • Grand Openings: Impress as many potential customers as possible and ensure that all of your potential customers get the attention they deserve by having a professional seasonal employee on-site to back up your team.
  • Staff Meetings or Training: It’s important that all your employees attend staff meetings or training sessions. Seasonal employees can make sure that your full-time employees’ office is covered for when they get back
  • Hectic Holidays: Holidays can be stressful in the sales or leasing office, having a seasonal professional there will help you get through the holiday quicker and easier and reduce your stress!
  • Sick Days: We can’t control when we get sick, and it happens to all of us. Seasonal employees are there to hold down the fort until you get back to your best self.


Never Miss a Lead: How Seasonal Employees Support Your Team

As Back-up or on Their Own: Seasonal employees can provide back-up coverage for busy days when you want more than one team member on site or full office coverage for sick days and vacation time. JWilliams Staffing’s professional and trained temporary candidates are fully equipped to provide top-notch coverage on days you might not be able to make it into the office.


Looking for seasonal support? Placing an order is easy!


Click here to place an order or contact our Scheduling Team at or 949-250-1923

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