New Year’s Resolutions: How to Set Attainable Goals for Yourself and Your Business

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Each year, business leaders, employees, and job seekers alike set New Year’s resolutions (or goals) that often dissipate or become too overwhelming within the first few months of the year. Setting measurable and attainable goals for yourself (or your business) is always the first step in goal setting but what happens after the goals are set? In order to reach your goals for the New Year, you must stay accountable, self-reflect, and stay positive. Doing these three things will promote growth in a healthy and realistic manner while decreasing the likelihood of becoming overcome by unrealistic expectations.

Now is the time to take another look at your New Year resolutions and start thinking of the changes you want to see in yourself (or your business) this year. Whether your goals are big or small – taking on new clients, changing your career, improving work culture – it all starts with taking the right steps. In the following, we’ll show you how you can stay on top of your goals and achieve growth this New Year.






Spirits are high at the beginning of the year, and every goal set feels attainable. However, as the year goes on, those goals get harder and harder to stay on top of. It’s important to keep your momentum up and hold yourself (and/or your team) accountable for the goals you have set this year. In the article, What is Accountability in the Workplace? on indeed, they share, “the concept of accountability is accepting responsibility for your actions…taking ownership of you work duties and showing initiative to take on extra tasks when needed.” So what does accountability look like in the workplace? It’s an environment that fosters a healthy and productive work relationship. Teaming up with another person creates an accountability partner and is a great way for each of you to keep each other on the right track. Mutual accountability results in a higher level of trust and engagement, clear communication, and more effective project execution. In the same article, Indeed also shared that having “accountability and ownership in the workplace, trust forms, which leads to a high – performing team.” Accountability improves performance, inspires confidence, and encourages ownership.






Allowing time to reflect on the past year helps you understand what worked and didn’t work. This is extremely beneficial in setting attainable goals in the New Year. Looking back, was there an obstacle or event that stalled your goals progress? Were there any unexpected challenges? What did you do to overcome those challenges? This is an opportunity to rethink your strategy of goal setting. Remove anything that hindered your growth in the past year and allow yourself (or your team) to try new ideas. In the article, The Power of Reflection for Achieving your Goals HR practitioner, Benjamin Patient explained the positive impact it has on performance, self –esteem, empathy, and so on. Patient also shared, “the key is to stay positive and focus on what you can truly control.” There are many different ways to self-reflect including journaling, thinking out loud, and quiet time. Whichever you prefer, give yourself a distraction-free area to go through the reflection process. To begin, here are starter questions for self-reflection:          

  • What was the situation?
  • What were you feeling?
  • What was the result?

Reflection is essential to your growth both personally and professionally and it has the ability to help you achieve your goals in life.




Stay Positive


A study conducted by Plos One on New Year’s resolutions found that you are more likely to create long- term success when you approach your goals positively. Taking a positive approach in the way you talk, write, and share your goals will motivate you and everyone around you to stay on track. Think of the potential benefits of reaching your goal, how will it make you feel once you start to accomplish it? In a Psychology Today article, Susan McQuillan shared, “the trick is to give [goal setting] whatever you’ve got to give, without expectations and without putting any more pressure on yourself than you’re able to handle from day to day.” Accountability, self-reflection, and staying positive can all be monitored through your self- talk. McQuillan pointed out. “If you form a negative opinion of yourself, you won’t think you deserve better than what you have, and you’ll stop trying.” When you start to have any negative feelings about yourself, such as “I can’t do this” or  “This isn’t going to work,” change it to a positive feeling. Tell yourself, “I’m doing the best I can and it will only get better.” Staying positive about your goals will help you achieve them!


Happy New Year! Stay Accountable, Self- Reflect, & Stay Positive.



By JWilliams Staffing

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