National Staffing Employee of the Year 2023

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Whether you're an employee of our JWilliams Staffing team or a cherished client, your commitment to service and a high standard of excellence sets you apart. It's this shared dedication that fuels our excitement as we celebrate the recipient of our annual National Staffing Employee of the Year award.

Over the past two months, we've invited our clients to nominate JWS employees for the 2023 National Staffing Employee of the Year. The response has been humbling, with each nomination a testament to the exceptional talent of our employees. Our panel enjoyed reading each nomination and selecting this year's winners and runners-up. These exceptional individuals have consistently exceeded expectations, provided top-notch service wherever they worked, confronted challenges with focus on resolutions, and earned the respect of the teams they've worked with.

And now we present your 2023 National Staffing Employee of the year winners…

NSEOTY Winner Announcement-011.png


“Howard is the Best!!! He is reliable, great with customers and our team.  He is an amazing person and colleague.”


New Home Advisor

Tri Pointe Homes


“Howard has been there for all our SC offices. He is always happy and is such an enormous help!”


New Home Sales

Tri Pointe Homes


“I have been working with Howard for a few years now. He is always my go-to temp. He connects well with customers. I also love that he leaves great notes when he is working a community alone. Just a nice man!”


New Home Advisor

Tri Pointe Homes


“We are grateful for Howard helping us out every time we needed him.  He's the BEST!”


New Home Assistant

Tri Pointe Homes

NSEOTY Winner Announcement1.jpg



“Ruth encompases everything you need in someone who is covering for you and your company. She is responsive, respectful, and takes notes for me so when I return back to work I can pick up right away on where she left off. I'd be okay with someone who just does the basics but Ruth goes above and beyond. There's a reason I keep asking for her if possible because she does a fantastic job. I've come across many temp agents and I can honestly say Ruth is one of the best. She makes my life easy! Thank you JWS, it's honestly been a pleasure working with you as well! Always easy!"


Sales Consultant

Toll Brothers


"Ruth has been so helpful for our community! I went on a three week vacation and she made sure she knew the community and the answers to almost every question a homebuyer would ask. It was so great to have someone I trust covering the office while I was gone."


Sales Consultant

Toll Brothers


"Ruth is amazing, always has a wonderful work ethic, and catches on quickly. She is reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable. Ruth is a star!"


Sales Consultant 

Toll Brothers


“Ask any one of my local properties who they want to cover their property and the first answer would be Sheila. Sheila is so reliable, organized, and positive. Sheila has stepped in to many different work environments and thrives every time for us. We really appreciate her!"


Executive Portfolio Manager

FPI Management


"Sheila is the best!!  She will go to any property and is super knowledgeable about how our offices work.  She has rented apartments and gotten us some great reviews!"


Property Manager

FPI Management

Honorable Mentions Banner NSEOTY1.png

Andy's JW photo.jpg

Andy P.

New Homes Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Andy has been an asset to me working the weekends at Prominence. Very reliable, great with customers, and helpful in making sales; just an all around great gentleman.”


Sales Agent

JMC Homes


Charlise N.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "She has the caliber to learn and execute to perfection as needed."


Assistant Community Manager

Decron Properties

Chris F.jpg

Chris F.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Chris has been a valuable agent at Melrose.  She was the regular temp on my days off.  Chris is very knowledgeable, responsible and most of all buyers love her.  I can count on her at all times.  I know I can always count on Chris.  She contributed a lot to the success of Melrose.”


New Home Sales Consultant

DR Horton

Chris L.jpg

Chris L.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Chris is very professional and goes beyond what is asked of him. He makes sure every customer feels welcome with a smile and is so helpful backing us up when we are too busy to take care of all of the clients that come in. He is constantly asking us how he can help or regularly says, 'I can do that for you if you'd like.' He definitely takes pride in his work no matter how big or small. He has an eye on everything and doesn't miss a beat!”


New Home Consultant


Eddie O.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "He was energetic and began to do the best job right away”


Sales Manager

Bonadelle Neighborhoods

Hector A.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "I nominate Hector because he is such a kind and helpful person with a great attitude. He has never failed me when coming in to work. He is always on time and has a great attitude. He is kind to all of my residents and I know I can trust him with my property in my absence. I am very grateful to have him here. I had to end his assignment for just a bit and I am so glad no one else had scooped him up yet as I know he is just such a great asset to my team. Hector has really had a great impact here at Cantabria and we hope to be able to have him for a long time."


Community Director


Mary Jo.jpg

Mary Jo A.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Mary Jo has been helping out at The Foundry and doing an amazing job.  She knows what she is doing, and you feel like you can actually take PTO when she is taking care of the office.  She should be Employee of the Year!!!”


Senior Sales 

Shea Homes


Nadyiah B.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "From the moment she has stepped foot on our property she has been more than a delight. She has stepped up to any and all challenges with grace, and an open mind and heart. She shows up on time and shows out in all work she does here at Piedmont Community. She has contributed her talents and her work ethics with greatness that is felt all over our community. It is an Honor to have her here with us and working alongside our management team.”



Rose Community Management

Patricia P.jpg

Patricia P.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Patricia always is on time, completes assigned duties, and goes the extra step in filling out a journal so we know what happen in the office that day.”




Weekly Homes

Sandra T.jpg

Sandra T.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Sandra started working with me in October 2023. She came in with never having worked in Affordable Housing-Property Management before. So, she had no knowledge of fair housing rules or how to process a file. Her willingness to learn how to navigate this sometimes-difficult days is totally amazing. She has grasped everything I've shown her at such a fast pace. Her customer service and management skills are amazing. I work a difficult property where my residents don't trust you. Sandra has won everyone over with her kindness and willingness to assist them just as I would. She is always on time and ready to start the day. I'm so impressed by her that I would love to hire her as my assistant, but due to budget restraints I'm not able to. She is definitely employee of the year to me. She's the best temporary employee I've ever worked with.”


Community Manager

USA Multifamily Management

Sue R.png

Sue R.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Sue is a true professional that owns the new home sales process. She is engaging with buyers and builder staff and many homeowners have taken note and shared what an amazing person Sue Ross is! Sue takes command of the community, updates sales when hot leads are in play, takes copious notes to help with follow up. I could list much more, yet there isn't enough room and to be honest, Sue is just an all around kind person that loves getting to know all people she comes in contact with! Thank you....”



DR Horton

Tammie T.jpg

Tammie T.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Tammie is a ray of sunshine. She is such a pleasant personality. I get so many compliments from my customers that she is wonderful. She always gets a VIP card and she is dependable.”


Sales Consultant

David Weekly Homes

By JWilliams Staffing

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