JWS Launches Berke Job-Fit Candidate Assessments

Posted: March, 1, 2013 | Categories: Staffing Agency Info | Interviewing Tips | Customer Service

JWilliams Staffing is pleased to announce that we now utilize the Berke Assessment, a customized job-fit assessment tool, which allows us to comprehensively evaluate each candidate's talents and personality. It measures the compatibility of a specific candidate to a specified set of job targets. The Berke Group has spent years developing and perfecting this process which helps us accurately assess candidates at all levels of within an organization '“ whether a new home sales manager or leasing consultant, a mortgage professional, or an escrow coordinator.  This tool will allow JWS to partner with its clients to determine what talents they need in the person they hire.

Here's how the Berke job-fit program works:
  • Defining the Job: Tell us about the job – identify the key tasks, most frequent activities, outcomes you need to achieve and what makes it unique. The better we understand the position, the better we can identify the skill sets and characteristics in a person you should consider.
  • Assessing Candidates: The Berke Assessment reveals how candidates are hard-wired. It zeroes in on their unique natural talents and identifies the personality traits that drive their performance. It Measures What Doesn't Change. Training can provide new hires with the knowledge and skills they lack, but there are some things you just can't teach. The assessment measures core qualities–behavior, talents and intelligence.  It helps to avoid the frustrating, time-consuming and costly process of trying to change how people are hard-wired.

Duplicate Your Top Performers- Not sure what attributes make your top performers unique?  JWS offers our clients free access to the Berke assessment tool so you can analyze your best people and identify their key traits and talents. We use that data to develop target profiles for future hires so you know exactly what to look for.

  • Setting Job Targets:  The Berke system for analyzing jobs and setting targets is based upon extensive research, science and experience. It creates customized job targets for each position and identifies the behaviors and talents that are needed in a top-performing employee.
  • Get the Results:  Is a particular candidate a good fit for the job? As soon as they complete the assessment, we'll know which job targets they hit, which ones they missed, and what it means to your hiring decision.
  • Conduct a Killer Interview: The better the interview, the better the hire. We give you the tools you need to ask great questions and make the interview highly productive and comprehensive.

'At JWilliams Staffing, we constantly strive to enhance our client's experience. Recruiting the best candidates and providing them with top-notch training is just a start. Our investment in the staffing industry involves so much more than finding a great candidate for the right job. It's about partnerships and connecting extraordinary, experienced and highly-qualified industry professionals with respected real estate employers,'? states JoAnne Williams, Founder & CEO of JWilliams Staffing.

Now more than ever, hiring the right people is critical. And if you subscribe to the idea that a company is only as good as its people, you know the importance of attracting the right talent and being able to accurately assess their skill sets against the job requirements. Contact us today. We will help you find the Perfect Fit!

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By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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