JWS Alumni: Jessica Launder’s Multi-Family Career Success

Posted: December, 30, 2021 | Categories: Alumni Success Stories


JWilliams Staffing has helped over 22,000 outstanding individuals launch a career in the Real Estate Industry. From new home sales to property management and residential maintenance, these individuals have put in the work to launch their dream career! This JWS Alumni article series will tell the unique stories of some of these successful individuals.


Jessica Launder was hired on by JWilliams Staffing in July of 2021 and by September, she landed a full time position with Holland Partner Group.


“I was looking for work and ended up finding a property that fit me really well. They also saw me as a good fit, so they brought me on as their employee!” – Jessica Launder

Joining the JWilliams Staffing team with no expectations other than to find work, Jessica stumbled upon the perfect property for her. “It worked out better than I expected!” said Jessica. With previous experience in property management, Jessica had a good idea of what the ideal place to work would feel like. However, she wasn’t expecting to find it so quickly.

Having recently moved to California, building a strong network in the local property management industry was of great importance to Jessica. While with the JWilliams Staffing team, Jessica said she was able to gain meaningful connections and relationships.


“I can’t recommend Brandon Holland enough. He is very dedicated to his work and knows what he’s doing.” – Jessica Launder

Jessica’s favorite memory of working with the JWilliams team is working with her manager, Brandon Holland, Senior Regional Manager, SoCal Multi-Family Division. His support, guidance, and communication helped Jessica find the perfect property management team to work with.



“I love meeting new people and helping them find their dream home! It’s such a good feeling.” – Jessica Launder

Jessica’s favorite part of her career is her ability to help others. She said she loves being able to connect with each individual and help them through the process of finding a new place to call home. “I love seeing people light up when they see the perfect apartment. It truly is what I love doing!” says Jessica.

Jessica has received recognition from companies and associates on numerous occasions for her excellent work ethic and dedication.


“It feels amazing to be singled out and recognized for your hard work and dedication. It keeps me going!” – Jessica Launder

Being recognized by many leaders and managers in the workplace (including the team who hired her on) has empowered Jessica. Knowing that her efforts have touched so many lives reminds her of the ability to make an impact.

Jessica’s advice to those looking for a full-time position reflects on her strong work ethic and values. She shared, “Treat each temporary assignment as if you’ve already gotten hired. Learn the ins and outs of the property to better assist prospects and feel more confident in your product. Don’t sit on your phone or try to waste time…your lack of effort will show. Use your time effectively; after all, your income depends on it.” Jessica set herself apart in the leasing office by understanding that what she puts into her work is what she will get out of it. She said it best, “your lack of effort will show”. Employers can see when you’ve put in 100% effort versus 50% and will always appreciate those who give 100%.

Beyond the workplace, Jessica lives a very active and creative life! She loves being outdoors, working out, dancing, connecting with others, and designing spaces. This may even be what drew her to property management! Getting to work in spaces that provide different amenities for various lifestyles can be incredibly fulfilling for those with creative and active minds.



If you’re interested in getting your foot in the door and launching your career with JWilliams Staffing like Jessica did, click here to explore current job openings and apply.

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