JWS Alumni: Jasmine’s Inspiring Apartment Industry Success

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JWilliams Staffing has helped over 22,000 outstanding individuals launch a career in the Real Estate Industry. From new home sales to property management and residential maintenance, these individuals have put in the work to launch their dream career! This JWS Alumni article series will tell the unique stories of some of these successful individuals.


Jasmine Sackey-Walker is not only a 2021 JWS National Staffing Employee of The Year (NSEOTY), she is also an incredibly outstanding JWS Alumn! In just four short months with our team, Jasmine landed a full-time position as a Community Relations Representative with The Irvine Company. Her outstanding efforts immediately set her apart.


“I felt like I was at a dead-end and now I feel open to new possibilities with a huge relief.” – Jasmine Sackey-Walker

Before joining JWilliams Staffing, Jasmine was settling into a new city and felt like she had hit a wall in her career. Unable to see where she could go within her previous roles, Jasmine knew there had to be a career where she could put her skills to use and started looking for new opportunities. Getting in touch with a hiring manager at JWilliams Staffing, Jasmine learned more about the different career paths in the apartments industry and saw her skills and abilities as the perfect fit for a property management career. Jasmine’s work-ethic and drive to always put in 110% helped her quickly gain her footing and set and achieve new goals.

While with JWilliams Staffing, Jasmine learned that a multitude of career paths within the property management industry would suit her interests, skills, and needs. She also found that there were a number of employers who were ready to hire and excited to work with her. 




“I truly feel blessed having the opportunity to meet my JWS Regional Manager, Joseph Valle. He helped me feel confident in pursuing more in my career...” – Jasmine Sackey-Walker

The support that Jasmine received from her JWilliams Staffing manager allowed her to feel confident in pursuing higher levels in her career. When Jasmine moved from Texas to California, her JWS manager, Joseph Valle helped her see the value in herself, harness her abilities, and navigate this new region. She quickly shined in property management and impressed all those around her – it’s no wonder she was a winner for the NSEOTY Award! The impression Jasmine left was so lasting that she was offered a full-time position after working at just two different communities.



Jasmine was hired on from JWilliams Staffing as a Community Relations Representative for The Irvine Company. Jasmine’s nominator for NSEOTY (and new employer) had so much to say about how much Jasmine impressed the whole team. “Jasmine has been a GEM since the first day I met her,” said Taylor Santillan, Community Manager with The Irvine Company. “She came in ready to work and learn the industry. She impressed every member of leadership that she met, so much so we offered her a full-time position with our company. Her commitment to JWilliams Staffing as well as Irvine Company did not go unnoticed.”


“I’m blessed to be a part of such a talented hardworking team.” – Jasmine Sackey-Walker

Jasmine said that what she loves most about her career is the earning potential, diversity, new experiences, opportunity to grow her knowledge, and work environment. Her passion for her work and her determination to reach new heights has earned her a plethora of recognition and compliments.


Jasmine’s tenacity and excitement for learning all there is to know about property management, as well as her dedication and commitment to helping her team, has set her apart in every way. When asked what advice she could give to anyone looking to grow, she said:

“Be on time. Always remember to give 110%. Try to find joy in the little things at work that make the workplace special, fun and professional. Value yourself and set expectations and goals and the right fit will come.” – Jasmine Sackey-Walker

We can all learn something from Jasmine’s work ethic and mentality. She was able to quickly find success because she valued herself, set expectations and goals, and found joy in her work. Jasmine is a true inspiration.


Jasmine is more than just her career! Beyond the workplace, she has a variety of hobbies and things that she loves to do.


“I enjoy cooking, baking, cleaning, listening to Lofi music while sky gazing, going to car meets, drawing, trying new foods, drinking boba and bragging about my adorable nieces!” – Jasmine Sackey-Walker

Jasmine is a proud aunt to her nieces and an absolute inspiration. Jasmine is an artistic, creative, and adventurous individual who thrives in all aspects of communicating and connecting with others. She’s also even tried 30 different variations of KitKat’s!


The entire team at JWilliams Staffing is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a star! Helping Jasmine find her footing in a new area, gain confidence in herself, and quickly soar beyond success is exactly what we aim to achieve with every member of the JWilliams Staffing Family.



If you’re interested in getting your foot in the door and launching your career with JWilliams Staffing like Jasmine did, click here to explore current job openings and apply.

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