JWilliams Staffing Publishes Second Annual Guide On Building Industry Compensation And Benefits

Posted: July, 11, 2012 | Categories: Building Industry News | Customer Service

With home-buying activity the highest it has been in two years and interest rates at record lows, home builders are requesting the most permits in years, and as new construction increases, new jobs are being created. As California builders step up their hiring, they will find indispensable information in the newly-published 2012 Building Industry Compensation and Benefits Guide from Irvine-based JWilliams Staffing, Inc.

Featuring data on more than 100 relevant industry positions, the guide is designed to aid both companies and employees as they reevaluate work and assignments. Contributions from builders and developers throughout Califor-nia helped assure timely and relevant data, according to JWilliams Staffing founder and CEO, JoAnne Williams.

'Our second annual edition couldn't come at a more auspicious time,' Williams says. 'It will give both employers and job seekers an understanding of current, competitive salary and benefit packages that will enable them to make informed decisions as the industry accelerates the pace of home building activity.'

John Burns, CEO of John Burns Real Estate Consulting, Inc. in Irvine, California, agrees with Williams that making informed decisions is more critical now than ever. 'Companies that made hiring decisions based solely on gut feel are gone,' he observed, 'and they are being replaced by builders who are not only experienced, but who have also created new processes and procedures.'

The new guide provides a year over year comparison of compensation with basic job summaries along with salary levels for a wide array of positions within the industry. There is also a section devoted to compensation according to size of the firm, making it easy to compare key responsibilities and salary levels at a range of firms. This year's industry-wide overview of employee benefits provides a more comprehensive summary based on feedback from the 2011 survey.

The guide also features an informative article by Tom Miller, president of The VisionLink Advisory Group, that discusses the importance of establishing a long-term 'value sharing' plan among management and staff. Miller ex-plains why immediate compensation is only one motivating factor for employees committed to overall business growth and success.

'After a long period of low turnover, employers might expect their top talent to leave for — or at least explore options in — greener pastures,' Williams says. 'Companies must plan for a possible rise in attrition and move faster to start filling the talent pipeline. One of the most reliable ways to do that is through an effective value sharing strategy.'

Williams and her team worked with the California Building Industry Association in compiling the Building Industry Compensation and Benefits Guide. In future editions, they would also like to incorporate information from other building industry associations around the country, providing the industry with a reliable assessment standard.

The Guide is available through JWilliams Staffing, Inc., at Substantial discounts are available to BIA members and to those builders who participated in the survey.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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