JWilliams Staffing Opens in Charlotte

Posted: October, 30, 2014 | Categories: Company and Industry News

As the No. 1 real estate staffing agency in the U.S., we are always looking for opportunities to expand our services and locations. That is why we are extremely excited to announce that we have joined forces with TempSmart to bring JWilliams Staffing to Charlotte, North Carolina.

A known local leader in providing permanent and temporary help for homebuilder sales offices, TempSmart was established by Rich Davis, CEO of TempSmart, in 2008. With its focus on providing companies with the staffing solutions necessary to succeed, a partnership between our company and TempSmart is a natural fit.

'We could not be more excited about working with TempSmart to help homebuilders take maximum advantage of a better new home sales market,'? said JoAnne Williams, CEO of JWilliams Staffing. 'TempSmart's business model is directly in line with JWilliams Staffing's model. The experience that Rich Davis brings to the Charlotte area will remain highly influential and a real asset to North Carolina builders and candidates alike.'?

With access to a customer support team and more training resources, Rich will now have the opportunity to spend more time recruiting and training qualified candidates. 'Known for its ability to train and successfully place temporary and permanent real estate professionals, JWilliams Staffing is a nationally respected name in the staffing industry, and it is a pleasure to join forces with its amazing team,'? said Rich Davis. 'Through this partnership, I will have even more opportunities to impact the Charlotte real estate industry, which can rest assured that it will receive the absolute best care.'?

To provide companies with experienced and knowledgeable staff, we conduct candidate assessments, offer comprehensive training assessments and provide access to our customer services lines for 13 hours per day, seven days a week. We are excited to bring all of these services and much more to Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome to the team Rich!

Since opening in 2004, we have placed more candidates and experienced sales counselors in full-time positions than all other new home staffing firms combined. With the addition of Charlotte, North Carolina, JWilliams Staffing services are now available in Southern California, Northern California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Seattle, Washington. To hire experienced professionals that will help take your company to the next level, visit the JWilliams Staffing website today.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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