JWilliams Launches College Recruiting Tour in Phoenix, Arizona

Posted: May, 18, 2015 | Categories: Company and Industry News

This week, JWilliams Staffing is heading to Arizona to connect with future real estate experts through college recruitment. Most college students struggle with finding a job after graduating, so we are offering opportunities for students to begin their career as soon as possible! During our two-day tour, which will include Arizona Real Estate School, Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University, we will spread the word about the advantages of becoming a JWilliams Staffing candidate in the exciting Phoenix real estate market.

With the new home sales market booming in Phoenix, it's an exciting time for students to begin their careers in this industry. According to a recent report in the Phoenix Business Journal, the economy in Phoenix is flourishing, providing a bright outlook for hiring, capital improvements and business expansion. As of February of this year, new housing starts were up by 16 percent from February 2014, and up by 30 percent from January. Re-sales, however, were only up by 2 percent compared to a year before. By working with some of the leading new home builders in the industry, JWilliams Staffing can provide fantastic opportunities for Arizona students looking to launch a career in this market.

Our first stop on May 19 will be the exclusive Arizona Real Estate School, where we will set up a table at their career expo. Students interested in new home sales and building can stop by and chat with our experts to learn about the latest trends in the local housing market, and how we can help them launch their career. While most companies at this expo focus on careers selling existing homes, JWilliams will provide opportunities for graduates to learn about the new home building market. Students who choose to work with us will have the benefit of connecting with some of the best new home building and real estate companies in the country.

Next on our tour, we will visit Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University to meet with their Career Services departments. Because these groups work closely with students to provide jobs after graduation, we want to make sure that JWilliams Staffing is top-of-mind for students in the real estate or building industries. While the Phoenix market is a hub for real estate, there is a definite need for representation of new home building companies. By working with students at these universities, JWilliams Staffing can open the doors for recently licensed professionals to become a part of this exciting industry.

We can't wait to meet these future real estate experts in Arizona and tell them about the exciting opportunities in the Phoenix housing market. If you're a newly licensed or experienced real estate professional looking to start a career in the new home building industry, contact us by visiting /.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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