Interview with a Hiring Authority - Answers from a Vice President

Posted: August, 18, 2014 | Categories: Interview 101 for Job Seekers

  1. In your opinion, what are the top qualities that make an outstanding candidate?

At McCaffrey Homes, we value candidates who approach every task with a willing spirit. We look for team players who possess a big heart, thrive on collaboration and are not afraid to work extra hard to get the job done.

  1. If one candidate has a better skill set and the other is a better fit for the McCaffrey Homes team, which way do you tend to lean when hiring?

When it comes to bringing talent into the fold, we believe it is important that new employees fit into the McCaffrey Homes' culture. New employees are trained by their peers and work closely together, so we find that a team that shares common core values has the best opportunity to thrive and prosper.

  1. How would you describe your corporate dress code?

Our dress code has evolved over the years and as an elite team of business professionals we strive to dress for success. But we also like to have a little fun with the dress code every now and then. This might mean enjoying some 'relaxed'? Fridays or theme days for our favorite sports teams, Halloween and an ugly sweater day. Of course, with a name like McCaffrey, we're sure to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with our very best green gear.

  1. How do you determine the work ethic of a potential new-hire?

An impeccable work ethic is extremely important to our team. During the interview we may inquire with candidates about their previous job. We're also interested in knowing where prospects might see themselves in five years. Their candid answers usually reveal their career path and their willingness to put out the extra effort as well as their desire to make a long-term impact with our company.

  1. Does McCaffrey Homes conduct job assessment tests?

Depending on the position, we will conduct assessment tests to determine a candidate's competency. A job that requires a certain skill or mastery of a particular software program is a good example of the type of position we would assess with a proficiency exam.

  1. What is most unique about your interview process?

Because we believe so strongly in the team approach to success, our interview process is also collaborative. It is very common for a candidate to experience two to three interviews before being offered the position. We also are very precise and upfront with the job description so that candidates understand our expectations and culture before becoming a team member.

  1. What is something a candidate might bring to the interview that would impress you?

We love it when a candidate takes the time to learn more about McCaffrey Homes before they arrive for the interview. Perhaps they have visited our website, toured one of our models or taken a drive through one of our communities. We have had prospective candidates who actually stopped in the day before an interview to talk with the receptionist to make sure they were in the right place. This forward planning demonstrates a candidate's strong desire and initiative.

  1. How much consideration is given to the resume presentation (formatting, grammar, etc.)?

Presentation is everything — always remember that a resume is a direct extension of 'you'? — in addition to your professional achievements. A well-written resume that is error-free shows a commitment to detail and a pride of workmanship.  Blatant misspellings are not acceptable and please, always make sure you spell McCaffrey correctly.

  1. Do you check a candidate's social media profile?

No. We use JW Staffing to ensure that those types of details are managed. They do an excellent job of vetting potential employees. By the time we see a candidate, we feel confident that they will be a good fit for the team at McCaffrey Homes.

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  • 'JWilliams Staffing understands our company and they supply us with candidates that not only fit our business needs, but fit into our culture.'?
  • 'We use JWilliams Staffing because they do the ground work for us'”ensuring that the candidate that reports for an interview is the right person for the job.'?
  • 'The McCaffrey Homes team requires candidates with an impeccable work ethic.     JWilliams Staffing knows this and consistently delivers quality applicants who demonstrate passion for their work.'?
  • 'We trust JWilliams Staffing to pair our team with highly-skilled and committed candidates who wish to grow with our company and make a long-term impact.'?

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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