Interview 101: What to Wear

Posted: June, 12, 2020 | Categories: Interview 101 for Job Seekers


Keep in Mind

Whether your interview is in person or online, always dress to impress.



Your hair should be profesional, clean, and styled appropriately.

Tip: It is also recommended to be clean shaven


Men's Attire

Wear a suit in a solid color such as navy, black, or dark gray with a button-up shirt that coordinates.

Tip: A tie is the perfect finish for a professional look


Women's Attire

Wear a pant or skirt suit in a solid color and a coordinated blouse or dress.

Tip: Skirts and dresses should reach just below or above the knee.



If you choose to wear jewlery, it should be simple and small. Such as a simple watch, small earrings, or a ring.

Tip: DON'T wear excessive or gaudy jewelry.



Shoes should be formal such as dress shoes or oxfords for men and pumps or heels for women.

Tip: Interview shoes should be a flat color (no patterns).


Nails and Makeup

If you choose to have your nails or makeup done, they should be in neutral or natural colors.

Tip: Avoid using highlighters and bright blushes



Some interviewers might be sensitive or allergic to certain smells so avoid wearing any fragrance, even if it is "light" and "airy"

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