How to Overcome Sales Objections

Posted: November, 2, 2021 | Categories: Sales and Customer Service


What are Sales Objections?

Sales objections occur when someone is interested in purchasing a product but an obstacle exists between the current situation and what needs to be satisfied before they purchase from you.



What steps should I take to overcome sales objections?


1. Listen Fully to the Objection

Do not react defensively. Instead, listen with intent to fully understand the buyer’s concerns without bias or anticipation.


2. Understand the Objection

When you get to the heart of the objection and fully understand it and its true source, it will be easier to overcome.


3. Respond Appropriately

You should do your best to resolve their issue right away. The more you can resolve issues in real time, the greater chance you have of moving the sale forward.



What strategies can I use to overcome objections?


1. Create a sense of Urgency

Say your customer objects with “Well I’m just looking right now” the best way to overcome this is to create a sense of urgency with something like, “That sounds perfectly fine and just so you are aware, this is a seasonal deal, after this month the price will go up.”


2. Social Proof

Everyone wants what everyone else has.

When your customer is objecting, tell them about other buyers who shared the same objection and why they decided to purchase the product anyway.


3. Ownership

When a customer is hesitant about purchasing a product, give them the ownership.

If the objection is about something physical in the home or apartment, give the prospect creative ownership by asking them, if they moved in, what they would do to make it work for them.




By JWilliams Staffing

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