How to Attract & Retain Employees

Posted: June, 18, 2014 | Categories: Team Development & Company Culture

The success of a business depends largely on its workers. Specifically, it depends on their retention rate. Businesses lose workers all the time. And some businesses lose their workers at higher rates than others. An important objective of any business is to be able to recruit new and better employees as often as possible. Employers need to ensure that their job openings seem appealing to employees so that they can attract them. While this may seem difficult, there are a few tips to attract employees.

The Honest Answer


While employees do care about their salaries, many also want to work for an employer with a warm personality. A recent Randstad survey found that 78% of employees consider honesty to be the most important trait that they look for in a new employer. Other traits on the survey included 71% for a reliable personality and 62% for a secure personality.

Winning the Hourly Battle

Industries with hourly workers tend to have the highest turnover rates, which can hurt profitability. The problem is that when employers are looking to fill hourly positions, they often attempt to recruit young people. Most hourly workers today are in their 30's, 40s and their 50s. So employers need to try to attract these people as well. Another obstacle is that employers tend to go after workers who are unemployed, as opposed to those workers who currently have a job and more skills. With too many applicants applying for an hourly job, some managers may also lack the skills needed to locate the best applicants. To get over these obstacles and to find the better hourly workers, businesses must adapt. They must constantly recruit employees, even when there is no official opening. In addition, businesses must accept resumes 24/7 on the phone and online. Finally, employers must respond back to applicants as soon as possible before they end up taking a position with another company.

When All Else Fails

If a business still needs some help to find recruits, they need to try new tactics. Local colleges and universities have job placement programs with applicants hungry for employment. There are government programs and employment agencies with experienced workers waiting to find a new job. Businesses should use every resource possible, including new websites and word of mouth, to find and get new employees.

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