Halloween Office Party Etiquette

Posted: October, 29, 2014 | Categories: Uncategorized

With the Fall season officially here, it brings colder weather, pumpkin spiced… well everything… and office parties. It is truly a wonderful time of year that should be enjoyed with your co-workers. However, a party does not throw out office etiquette! Here are some basic rules to follow this holiday season that will keep you from losing points with the bosses.

Join the Fun

If your office is hosting a Halloween party make sure that you are part of the festivities. These parties are usually meant to build camaraderie between employees, therefore if you are not part of the celebration, you are missing out on the great opportunity to network. Even if Halloween is not one of your favorite times of year, increasing the celebratory nature of the event can have a positive impact on your overall standing in the company. Unbeknownst to you, management may be looking for someone who comes up for the creative idea in order to give them a new office task of project is the future.


Chose an Appropriate Costume!

Just because there is a party atmosphere does not mean that you should wear something controversial. This means that it is necessary to cover your body appropriately at all times. Furthermore, even if a costume is popular, you should avoid choosing it at all costs if it is controversial. By the same token however, it is necessary to put some thought into the costumes so that it does not look like you're going through the motions of attending the party with minimal interest. The more creative the costume you choose, the more positive feedback you will likely receive.

Find Out When to Wear Your Costume

Nothing is more embarrassing than being the only person not to wear a costume in the office. Similarly, if you don't want to be the only person wearing your holiday attire during the workday, it is advisable to bring a change of clothes in case there is an important work functions you need to take part in during the workday. Remember, it is best to choose a costume which you can easily take on and off quickly.


Avoid Allergic Reactions

If you are going to be preparing food for the festivities make sure to ask about any dietary restrictions your coworkers have. Making healthy choices is also an option for people who are trying to watch their weight but want to join in on the festivities. Checking for allergic reactions colleagues might have shows consideration and responsibility. Make sure to have a variety of treats so that everyone can enjoy something to eat.

Offer to Help With the Party

Management will often take notice of who is willing to help with the planning of the party. If you are looking to advance your reputation as a team player, offering your assistance is a great way to show company support. You can help with the theme for the decorations without having to dedicate a lot of time. Showing the initiative to try to help the company celebrate the holiday will often change the perception that management has of you in a positive manner.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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