Filling Jobs- The Recruitment Process

Posted: August, 19, 2014 | Categories: Interviewing and Hiring

To promote an effective hiring and retention process, the following steps are a guideline for securing the most talented and diverse pool of qualified applicants.


Attracting Candidates for Employment

Step 1: Job Openings

All recruiting activities are an opportunity to match the correct individual to a vacancy. By understanding the opening clearly, the most suitable candidate will be selected. For new positions, analyze the necessary skills and desired goals. For a replacement position, review the opening to determine any necessary changes before rehiring.

Step 2: The Job Description

Constructing a thorough and accurate job description is essential, as it is the basis for interview questions and assessments. It will: Describe well-defined job duties and qualifications, as well as the value of the position; lessen employee turnover by locating the most suited to the position; and enhance search results through clarity.

Step 3: Establish The Recruitment Plan


A correctly designed recruitment plan will prepare the way for locating and hiring the most suitable applicant as well as build a diverse applicant pool. Generally speaking, the hiring manager works with HR to create a recruitment plan with placement goals. The plan will take into account a posting timeframe, résumés on file and advertising.

Step 4: Choose The Evaluators

All candidates that qualify for interviewing and move further in the application process should be reviewed by multiple evaluators to prevent partiality. The hiring manager will select who is part of the interview and reviewing process with a candidate. Those who are selected for this task should be a broad stroke of diversity. Staff members from other departments may be considered to help broaden diversity if necessary.

Step 5: Utilizing The Recruitment Plan

When the job description is finished, it should be posted. Care should be taken to make sure the posting is correct in order to prevent the need for changes that may affect candidates. The largest possible pool of qualified candidates should be sought out. Utilizing social media platforms can bring in potential applicants. It's essential to track the recruitment process to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Placing the Perfect Candidate
Step 6: Candidate Review

As prospects apply for the opening, all information must be taken into consideration. Each staff member that has been chosen to evaluate candidates should review the applications to determine their qualifications. They can comment on the applications in relation to the necessary skills for the job opening. A screening may be performed to determine further requirements in relation to schedule availability, desired salary, etc. A list of potential candidates should be drawn up.

Step 7: Interviewing

This is crucial to finding the correct candidate for the open position and also clarifies expectations, qualifications and is an opportunity to ask questions. Being prepared for the interview is essential, because it's the time to evaluate if the applicant has the necessary skills. Use a few basic questions from minimal competencies to establish and develop the evaluation. Go over the candidate's application to look for areas that need clarification or potential additional information.


Step 8: Hiring

Following all interviews, the assigned staff should discuss the suitability of each candidate for the open job. There should always be documentation that shows the selection process and why a particular candidate was selected. Reference checks should also be performed to gain understanding of past job performance. All checks should be successfully completed before an offer is extended.

Step 9: Making The Offer

Staff should review the applicant's suitability for the duties of the open position and confirm that the process was carried out properly throughout. Then an offer can be extended to the final candidate. The best offer should always be extended upon approval. Explain the details like benefits and salary with enthusiasm. Once the offer is accepted, HR will coordinate the remainder of the process.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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