Discover the Perks of Temporary Staffing this Summer

Posted: June, 30, 2014 | Categories: Company and Industry News

Are you looking for ways to boost your resume with professional experience this summer? Temporary staffing opportunities are a fantastic and flexible option for recent college grads or young professionals. Some of the benefits of entry-level staffing positions include resume enhancement, flexible scheduling, excellent networking, training and learning opportunities, as well as confidence building. It also allows graduates to sample the various company cultures and roles before deciding on any one career path.

These commonly available temporary positions at JWilliams Staffing do not require licensing and provide young professionals with great chances to gain experience and grow before beginning their careers:

  • Service technician or porter- This position is responsible for maintaining the appearance of a community, working alongside experienced painters, landscapers, carpet vendors and plumbers to respond to service requests and perform common ground keeping duties. 
  • Leasing consultant- This client-facing, customer-oriented role provides assistance with special promotions and events, offers coverage for staff meetings or training, and conducts tours of properties, grounds and amenities for prospective residents. 
  • New homes sales and marketing assistant- A few of the responsibilities of this position include assisting with special events (including grand openings and promotions), providing office support, sales coordinating, reporting, and conducting exit surveys. JWilliams Staffing will provide quality training for all temporary associates, serving as a strong foundation for success. 
  • General office, administration and accounting assistant- This position provides support in a variety of areas, including accounting and general administrative duties.

JWilliams Staffing provides services throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Georgia. This summer, if you are looking for a position with a flexible schedule and would like to gain relevant experience for your resume, contact JWilliams Staffing toll free at 866-597-8367 or visit our website for available job opportunities.

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