Desk Cleanse: A 5 Minute Workspace Reset

Posted: April, 12, 2023 | Categories: Workplace Tips & Professionalism | Team Development & Company Culture


By: Madeline Pontius, Digital Marketing Assistant 


Whether your desk is large or small, a flat surface or standing desk. A cluttered workspace can be a source of stress and distraction, making it difficult to be productive. That's why taking just five minutes each day to do a desk cleanse can improve your health and productivity.

Cleaning Supplies You May Need:

  • Trash cans
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Vacuum
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Isopropyl alcohol Duster
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1. Clear off your Desk


To start, clear everything off your desk and set it aside (you will come back to it in the next step). Remove dust from the surfaces and interior of the desk. Don’t forget to dust behind the desktop/desk if it’s against the wall and equipment cords. Then, using a disinfectant spray or wipe, clean off the surface of your desk and your computer peripherals (i.e. your mouse, keyboard, monitors, etc.). It’s important when doing a desk cleanse to start with a clean surface.

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2. Sort it Out


Next, take a look at and sort through the items you've removed and decide what needs to be thrown away, what needs to be filed, and what needs to stay on your desk.

For items that need to be thrown away, make sure to properly dispose of them in the appropriate recycling or trash bin. For items that need to be filed, designate a specific spot for them in a drawer or filing cabinet. For items that need to stay on your desk, organize them in a way that makes sense to you and helps you work efficiently.

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3. Organize Your Desk Drawers and Supplies


As you put things back on your desk, consider using desk organizers such as trays, baskets, or pen holders to help keep everything neat and easy to find. A clutter-free workspace can help clear your mind and increase productivity, just five extra minutes each day to reset your desk and reap the benefits.

Desk Cleanse square 2.png

4. Clean Decorative Items


Make sure to dust photos or any small decorative items. This is a great time to also look at your decorative objects like family photos, and small trinkets, knick-knacks. Be selective and keep only what you value the most.


Desk cleans are a quick and simple way to improve your workspace and boost productivity. By taking just five minutes each day to clear and organize your desk, you can reduce stress, increase focus, and work more efficiently. So give it a try and see how a clean and organized workspace can make a difference in your workday!


Happy Desk, Happy Mind, Happy Life

Author: Madeline Pontius, Digital Marketing Assistant

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