Celebrating Administrative Professional Day

Posted: April, 25, 2023 | Categories: Company and Industry News | Workplace Tips & Professionalism | Team Development & Company Culture

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By: Madeline Pontius, Digital Marketing Assistant


Administrative professionals play a critical role in the workplace, they organize administrative materials, schedule meetings and business trips, manage files, prepare documents and support many different members within an organization. On April 26th, we encourage you to recognize and celebrate the hard work of those who work in administrative positions. Showing your appreciation for them on Administrative Professional Day is an effective way to celebrate the efforts of your coworkers.


 We are sharing 5 ways to celebrate and show appreciation for the administrative professionals in your workplace.




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A flower arrangement can be a nice way to show thankfulness to a team member. Getting your coworker a bouquet of flowers can brighten their desk and make them feel appreciated. If possible, learn about their favorite flowers or colors to get them an arrangement that shows your consideration for the things they like.

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Thank you card


A simple but thoughtful thank you card can be a great way to express gratitude to an administrative professional. Buy a nice card and write a heartfelt thank you to the recipient. If possible, describe a time when the administrative professional did something specific and memorable that helped you in your role. Being specific helps you personalize your note and demonstrates the value that the recipient bring to you and others in the company.



Thank you to all the hard working administrators, your determination and work ethic does not go unnoticed.




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Gift Certification


Gift certificates can be versatile presents, making them a good option for specializing your gift to an administrative professional. For example, you can get a gift card for their favorite restaurant, coffee shop or bookstore. If they’re less particular about where they shop and eat, get a less generic gift card such as a visa gift card



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Snacks & Candy / Donuts & Coffee


Gifting the administrative professionals in your workplace their favorite snacks and candies is another great way to express appreciation. If the administrative professionals in your workplace have a snack stash in their desk, you can help them restock with a few of their favorite treats.



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Take the administrative professionals in your office out for lunch or cater lunch to the office to celebrate their hard work. Let them choose their favorite lunch spot and gather for a enjoyable meal. Not only is this a great way to express appreciation, but it can also be a good opportunity for some team bonding.



By JWilliams Staffing

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