9 Ways to Launch Your Temporary New Home Sales Job into a Career

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New home sales is a rewarding and lucrative career. With a beautiful product to sell, the fulfillment of helping people find their dream home, a corporate marketing team to back you up, & a generous income, it is a career desired by many. So, with so many people applying to work with builders, how do you stand out? Launch your career by working a temporary new home sales job!

Many new home builders are getting more specific than ever about finding the perfect person to sell their new homes. This means they’re not just looking for the skills, they’re looking for a cultural fit. Someone who will embrace the builder story, bring their product to life, and then close the deal. In order to evaluate the individual on the job, our builder clients are finding an immense value in having someone work for them on a temporary basis before bringing them on full-time.

Working as a temporary New Home Sales Assistant with JWilliams Staffing allows you to work with several new home builders, providing them coverage while their Sales Agents are out of the office or when they need assistance with increased traffic. It helps you gain skills and knowledge, build connections, and, of course, be top of mind when it comes time for the builder to hire a new team member. However, simply being there and working assignments is not enough. In order to be hired on by a new home builder, temporary candidates need to show they are a cut above the rest.

Thankfully, JWS has had years of experience launching careers. Our experienced recruiters know what it takes to stand out and what characteristics or actions have helped previous candidates land a permanent job. We surveyed our management and recruitment team for their expert insight, which resulted in these 9 Ways to Launch Your Temporary New Home Sales Job into a Career:


1. Don’t Forget the Basics

There are some general behaviors and traits that the every candidate should practice in order to turn their temp job into a full-time one. People who are hired on full-time maintain a professional appearance, come in with a positive attitude, and arrive on time. They take initiative in the workplace and are engaging and friendly. Candidates who always show up to their scheduled shifts and communicate effectively also leave a positive, lasting impression on potential employers.

What the Experts Said:

“Think of every assignment as a working interview, because it is exactly that. Arrive on time looking professional and show potential employers that you are willing to go the extra mile!” – JoAnne Williams, President/CEO



2. Get Completed Registration Cards

Stand out in the builder sales office by collecting thorough registration cards. The onsite agents need contact information & buyer details on these cards to effectively follow up with the prospect and they are relying on you to get this information. This means covering contact info and email address (for the builder mailing lists), as well as more comprehensive information such as time frame to buy, type of property they are interested in, and any additional information you collect during the qualifying process. The more detail provided on the registration cards, the more potential employers will be impressed.


What the Experts Said:

“Greet every prospect with a smile and ask questions to fill out detailed guest registration cards. The builder and the sales agent will appreciate your diligence.” Michael Bocchicchio, Regional Manager – N. California New Home Sales Division 

“Always make at least 3 attempts to get prospects to fill out registration cards. Guests might change their mind once they view the models or new information is provided.” – Victoria Lund, Regional Manager, Sacramento/Reno

“If at first you don’t succeed, reintroduce! Once a buyer returns from viewing models, jot down their favorite model, some optional questions, etc. on the card and ask politely again for their brief contact information.” – CiAnn Blue, Vice President – Texas

“One of the reasons builders like to hire employees who start as temporary workers is because they have the opportunity to see them in action before inviting them to join their team full-time. They want to make sure the candidate is going to develop rapport with the people walking in the door, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Use the information you obtain to complete thorough registration cards!” – JoAnne Williams, President/CEO


3. Leave Thorough Notes

Builders and Sales agents will not always be there to speak with all of the guests, that’s why it’s important to leave them thorough notes in addition to guest registration cards. This will help the sales agent understand everything that went on while they were out of the office. Whenever you have any downtime, go back over your notes to ensure they are as detailed as possible. Your notes should outline any messages you received (with return contact information), visits from service providers, any deliveries or attempted deliveries, and anything else you noticed that needs attention (such as burnt-out light bulbs, broken props, or stains). Make sure to include your name and phone number so they can reach out with questions, but also so your detailed notes reflect on you as a potential employee.


What the Experts Said:

“Take excellent notes, with possible next steps, for the onsite team to successfully move our clients’ sales forward, especially when working alone.  The communication log you leave behind will impress the builder team and make them confident that their office and models are well maintained while you are on-site.” – Michael Bocchicchio, Regional Manager – N. California New Home Sales Division 

“Keep legible traffic notes with reference to the registration card. Log all calls and visitors to the sales office: buyers, agents, employees, water delivery, pick up, etc. Include any deficiencies you find in the models, such as a carpet snag, and label it accordingly (ex. 3rd step Model #2).” – CiAnn Blue, Vice President – Texas



4. Do Your Research

It is always expected that when you arrive for your first day of a new assignment, that you have already done some research on the builder and the community. Take it to the next level and impress potential employers by doing more in-depth research on the community, the surrounding area, potential competitors nearby, etc. so when you show up on your first day, you have the knowledge to effectively answer questions or concerns presented by prospective buyers. There will also be brochures and price lists around the office you should read to continue learning about amenities, builder story, pricing, floor plans, and more.


What the Experts Said:

“With each new assignment, research the “builder’s story” prior to arriving and always learn as much about the community as you can. Before your first day, call the sales office to introduce yourself and ask questions about the builder and the community.” - Kristin Armbruster, Vice President of Arizona

“Research the builder, community, and amenities offered before you arrive your first day. Potential employers will also be impressed by your knowledge of the competition within close proximity to the community. Remember to gather enough information for the sales and traffic report.” –Claudette Barton, Assistant New Home Sales Manager, Southern California

“Prior to the day you start, be informed on the prices, move-in ready inventory, lots available, and HOA community info.” - Debra H. Worth, Regional Manager – Las Vegas/Southern Nevada

“Do your homework on every community you go to. The more you know about the community, the more you will be able to carry out a prospective sale and stand out as a potential candidate to the builder.” – Annie Charles, Regional Manager – Greater LA New Home Sales Division

5 Coffee.jpg


5. Be “Coffee Worthy”

Builders are looking for temporary agents who can carry themselves and the sale effectively. In order to make a connection with the prospective buyers, you must be “Coffee Worthy”. “Coffee Worthy” is a term coined by Jeff Shore and refers to your ability to make a deep connection with your customer. Ryan Taft explains, “If you were deciding whether or not to sit down for cup of coffee with someone you just met, what characteristics would you want that person to have? Smiling, interesting, interested, funny, good conversationalist, and positive energy.” Create that coffee worthy connection with your customer by asking questions that show you are listening and get to know their story. Customers will respond more positively if they notice you are putting in a genuine effort.


What the Experts Said:

“Successful sales people are people-people. Being coffee worthy means being someone who you would instantly like to sit down with, grab a drink, and chat.” - CiAnn Blue, Vice President – Texas

“People want to buy from people they like. But remember, being likeable doesn’t just mean that you are interesting. Instead, showing interest in someone else, making them feel important, and asking engaging questions is what draws them in and carries on the conversation. Jeff Shore calls this being “coffee worthy” & our builder clients seek out this characteristic when they are looking to hire a New Home Sales Agent.” – JoAnne Williams, President/CEO



6. Ask the Right Questions

Potential employers are impressed by candidates who know how to ask the right questions! This means putting that extra effort into finding out more about your customer. Ask guests their story, why they’re looking for a new home, what features they’re looking for, and so on. These types of questions will keep the buyer connected, give you the information you need, and evoke responses that can help the process move in a practical and personal way. Of course, remember to record the information you collect in this process on the guest registration card. Read more about the right questions to ask in our Loaded Questions blog.


What the Experts Said:

“Ask sales office visitors questions that will give the on-site sales agent a strong lead to close the deal when they follow up. If you are working with the sales agent on a high traffic day, stay conscious of buyers that are getting closer to making a decision and turn them over to the sales agent while you focus on guests who are ‘just looking’.” - Michael Bocchicchio, Regional Manager, Northern California New Home Sales Division

“Being authentic when asking the right questions is paramount to building a personal relationship with prospective buyers. People are more apt to buy from someone they feel comfortable with and trust.”  – Claudette Barton – Client Relations Manager – S. California New Home Sales Division

ask for the sale.jpg


7. Ask for the Sale

The best New Home Sales Assistants are not afraid to ask for the sale or set appointments. You never know when you have missed out on a potential sale because you were too afraid to ask. So don’t miss your shot! If you are not 100% confident in your sales technique, then give it a little practice in the mirror or with a colleague. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to ask for the sale. The results you get will stand out and impress our builder clients.


What the Experts Said:

“Ask for the sale! Once you overcome your discomfort & realize asking your customer for the sale is actually doing them a favor, you’ll be able close more sales or at least set appointments for the builder client. This will really impress them & help them see you as a future full-time employee.” – Annie Charles, Regional Manager – Greater LA New Home Sales Division

“Be a smart appointment setter. Always try to set appointments for prospective buyers to come back and meet the sales agent. Setting appointments with potential buyers will show the sales agent and the builder that you are confident in your ability to close.” – Kristin Armbruster, Vice President of Arizona

8 (A).jpg


8. Learn the Computer System

In today’s technology-driven work force, most sales and agreements will be made using certain software or devices (such as an iPad, tablet, etc.). That’s why it’s important to be computer literate, especially for success in New Home Sales. If you aren’t confident in your computer skills, then take a class! Look over this list of computer skills that will help you land a full time position and try out some of these free ways to improve them. Before you go in to any job, you should have at least a basic understanding of Microsoft Office, spreadsheets, email, and PowerPoint. Knowing these skills will help improve your likelihood of being hired on full time.


What the Experts Said:

“If you are not computer savvy, this can be a deal breaker when it comes to landing a full-time job in New Home Sales. If you are not confident in your understanding of certain software systems, then take a class!” - CiAnn Blue, Vice President – Texas 



9. Get Organized

Getting organized is a great way to keep yourself up-to-date and on track. As a temporary candidate in New Home Sales, builders will be impressed by your organization and knowledge retention. Always keep a copy of your notes on the builder and the interactions you had with guests and potential buyers. Not only will it help you improve your ability to answer questions more thoroughly, it will also come in handy if you end up working for the same community in the future. Having your notes to reference will also show the builder that you know how to properly prepare so you will always be ready for any task they might you.

Additionally, make sure the office space is clean and clear of any distractions or obstructions. You want the office to feel welcoming and well put together for potential clients. Use any down time in the office to clean up the area and make it look spotless. The builder and the sales agent will appreciate you taking the initiative and see you as a well-organized candidate.


What the Experts Said:

“The sales agent will appreciate the small things you do to save them time, such as making sure the refrigerators are stocked, the packets are made, and the models and specs look good.” - Debra H. Worth, Regional Manager – Las Vegas/Southern Nevada

“Increase your builder knowledge by keeping a binder for each builder with index dividers for each assigned community including your notes on the price sheet, floor plans, and a community map. Each time you return to one of these communities for a future assignment, the notes collected are priceless.” – Victoria Lund, Regional Manager – Sacramento/Reno New Home Sales Division

Launching your temporary New Home Sales job into a career is what JWilliams Staffing is here for! Our team of New Home Sales experienced recruiters is dedicated to providing you with ongoing guidance and advice to help you launch your New Home Sales career. Each one of them can elaborate on these points and provide you experienced insight on what it takes to get hired on full-time. Don’t forget to get complete registration cards, leave thorough notes, and do your research. Learn what it means to be “Coffee Worthy” and practice asking for the sale. Not only will these behaviors help you land a full-time position in New Home Sales, they will also help you gain practical skills necessary for any career. Lastly, remember the basics we went over in the article 10 Tips to Turn Your Temp Job into a Full-time One. Treat every assignment like it’s a working interview and show employers why you deserve to be hired on full time!

By JWilliams Staffing

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