2022 National Staffing Employee of the Year Winners

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Whether you are an employee or a client of JWilliams Staffing, there is something that sets you apart: your high standard for excellence and dedication to providing top notch customer service. That is precisely why we decided to recognize your commitment to greatness with this years’ second annual National Staffing Employee of the Year award!


Over the last two months, we have collected nominations from our clients to help select the 2022 National Staffing Employee of the Year. We received many submissions and it was incredible to see all of your responses. Our expert team of judges carefully reviewed each response and chose this year’s winners and runners-up. These employees consistently went above and beyond in the workplace, were knowledgeable about the community’s product and offerings, left memorable impressions wherever they went, faced challenges head on, and received glowing nominations.


Without further ado, here are your 2022 National Staffing Employee of the year winners…



Winner - Community Staffing


Nomination: “Inez is amazing. She never says no to a project or task. She is always here way before me and has the model light on and ready before we open. She has never missed a scheduled time with me and is incredibly dependable. She knows the floor plans and how to operate the interactive technology. She makes sure everyone gets registered which is key to my success as a Sales Consultant. She takes incredible notes and comes in positive and ready to shine. We love her here at Toll Brothers.”


Sales Consultant

Toll Brothers



Winner - Community Staffing


Nomination: “Michael goes above and beyond his duties to help us make sales while we're off. He takes detailed notes and can tell me if customers are serious buyers or just looking. He'll call me if he feels that there is a buyer in front of him, so I don't miss the opportunity to write a contract. He's always early to open the model and I don't have to worry about him not showing up. He's professional and inviting when customers walk in. He understands what we are building, where we are building, and current incentives. Very knowledgeable to the building process as well. Now, if we could just clone him.”


Sales Associate

Scott Felder Homes



Winner - Rookie of the Year


Nomination: “Andrew is an absolute pleasure to have at our Sky View Community. Andrew is new to real estate but has gone above and beyond to learn something new every day. We have challenging traffic and no matter what has come his way he handles it with the grace and style of an agent with years of experience! I honestly cannot say enough about this professional young man."


Sales Consultant

Toll Brothers



Winner - Maintenance Employee of the Year


Nomination: “Previs has shown exceptional dedication in showing up for work each day just as if he were part of our regular team.  He has been a tremendous help to us in our busiest season of the year and has jumped right in and taken initiative to do what needs to be done as if he's been here all along.  The best part is that he has become a friend to those he works with and has done everything with a smile! Previs is a great team player and very knowledgeable at what he does. We really appreciate him and he deserves a big pat on the back! He is one of your best!”


Residential Manager

Tandem Properties, Inc.



Runner Up - Community Staffing


Nomination: “Mary is IT! She knows our Regency community as well as I do. She's on her "A-Game" Day In, Day Out! Her customer skills are beyond professional, her demeanor is so sweet & caring. She has visitors/prospects wait for her to finish if she is busy helping a current buyer in contract asking questions or with another visitor. They want to talk to HER!! She's available whenever we need her. She's flexible with her schedule to accommodate our crazy lives as sales host, with the crazy rollercoaster market of 2022 we just experienced!! I don't want to overemphasize my admiration for Mary, but she's very genuine, which is really rare. I know on my days off, vacation time or if out sick, if Mary is here, I have nothing to worry about, our prospects will be in good hands, correction, GREAT HANDS. Not that other hosts are not good, but knowing a community, really helps in talking about it with potential future owner/s. Thank You Mary for all you do!!”


Sales Consultant

Toll Brothers



Winner - Community Staffing


Nomination: “I first met Tea working at a different property. The reason I want to nominate her is not only because she is a kind person but also because she takes pride in her work. I had a very slow office and have had a handful of associates that just weren't making the cut for me, or my office was so slow that they would get bored. When that property had to end her assignment and I was back at my own property, I just knew I had to get her for myself. Since coming here, she has gone above and beyond to help me with anything needed. From going to make sure the property is up to par to leaving me detailed messages and notes and even covering on short notices. I am truly happy to have her assisting at my property and I honestly wouldn't change a thing about her.”


Community Director

AMC Living




Adin D.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "All I can say is that Adin went beyond his duties to help the community!”


Sr. Business Manager





Dan W.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Dan has been staffed at our community since July 2022 and has proven himself to be invaluable. He has assisted Lennar in driving several sales over the line for us and providing exceptional customer service to our potential buyers. We consider him part of the Lennar Team!”


Sr. Homebuyer Concierge





Fortuna K.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "I've been fortunate to have had Fortuna working as office assistant at two Brookfield neighborhoods.  So we have some time together.  Fortuna has wowed all of us.  She is a total sweetheart and is very accomplished in her field.  She is very good at taking visitors on model tours, or to go see their home under construction, she helps in the office, and always makes Brookfield look good with the public... this is what we need and Fortuna delivers. Fortuna is a class act. Thanks for the opportunity to nominate her for recognition.”


Sales Manager

Brookfield Residential




Idelle N.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Idelle always rise to the occasion. He goes above and beyond his duty and supports our staff in every way possible. His bright personality along with the understanding of how to engage with prospects is all that we could ask for.  Thanks for loaning him to us.”


Community Sales Manager

Brookfield Residential




Lina N.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Lina does an amazing job! She has been covering my communities since 2014 and is always my first choice! Thank you for all of your hard work Lina!”


New Home Advisor

TriPointe Home




Philip A.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Philip is always prompt, courteous and professional. I have had 2 people buy homes when he was there in my place.”


Sales Consultant

David Weekly Homes




Rickey B.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Rickey is always so helpful, has a smile on his face and very respectful and reliable. Rickey is amazing and anyone is lucky to experience his work ethic. Thank you!"


Property Manager





Steven K.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Very Professional with amazing communication skills..”


Sales Agent

JMC Homes



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