2021 National Staffing Employee of the Year Award

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Whether you are an employee or a client of JWilliams Staffing, there is something that sets you apart: your high standard for excellence and dedication to providing top-notch customer service. That is precisely why we recognize our employees' commitment to greatness with our annual National Staffing Employee of the Year award!

Over the last two months, we have collected nominations from our clients to help select the 2021 National Staffing Employee of the Year. We received many submissions and it was incredible to see all of your responses. Our expert team of judges carefully reviewed each response and chose this year’s two winners and two runners-up. These employees consistently went above and beyond in the workplace, left memorable impressions wherever they went, faced challenges head-on, and received glowing nominations.


Without further ado, here are your 2021 National Staffing Employee of the year winners…




Nomination: “Jasmine has been a GEM since the first day that I met her. She came in ready to work and learn the industry. She impressed every member of leadership that she met, so much so we offered her a permanent position with our company. Her commitment to JWilliams Staffing as well as Irvine Company did not go unnoticed. Jasmine has been an All-Star member of our team and has complemented our business so well! I'm grateful that JWilliams Staffing sent her our way!”

Taylor Santillan
Community Manager
Irvine Company



Nomination: “When I thought all of my maintenance troubles would never cease, Reno showed up and showed out! He has been a dynamite maintenance technician here at my property. He maintains this property by himself and trust me, that is no easy job! He goes above and beyond what I ask of him and I am so incredibly grateful to have had his help. Thank you, JWilliams Staffing, for sending me a rockstar! He's tackled emergencies head-on and never quits until he's confident the job is done right.”

Andrea Cortinas
Community Director
FPI Management



Nomination: “Abby has been working at one of our properties for the past 10 months while the current Manager was on medical leave. Abby has been a joy to work with, she has always demonstrated a "can do" attitude with her calm demeanor and her focus on the needs and attention of the property has been outstanding. Recently, the opportunity has presented itself, whereby; the position became available full time. I did not hesitate to offer Abby the position as full time Property Manager. 
Thank you for sending her our way. Welcome to the Team, Abby!"

Terry Graves
North Bay Regional Property Manager
Montgomery Capital Management



Nomination: “Stephanie has worked with me for a couple of years now and traveled to different communities to which I have been assigned. She has such a positive attitude and gratitude for the customers that we interact with each day. It is evident in the way she professionally handles each customer as if they were a guest in her own home. She sells from the heart and that is difficult to teach someone and must be an innate skill. I am very much a type A personality and want to interact with every customer. I am able to trust Stephanie to fill my shoes so I may take a couple of days off to recharge. She is truly a blessing to me.”

Ann Tabor
Sales Consultant
Toll Brothers



Antoinette J.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Antoinette has been a pleasure to work with and a very great asset when transitioning properties. She picked up every task I asked and trained her to do and she literally helped my properties from sinking. If I could, I'd have her as my personal #2 throughout my entire career.”

Fernando Torres
Community Director
FPI Management


Chris F.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Chris goes above and beyond. We are very lucky to work with them. Customers love them. They are smart, organized, detail orientated, reliable, dependable, positive and fun! Thank you Chris!”

Shannon OConnor
New Home Counselor
Beazer Home


Daniela B.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Since Daniela has been with us, she has been super-efficient. Given our population at the property, she has been able to handle situations in a very professional manner. She finishes any task asked of her in timely manner. She is easy to work with and handles criticism well. She is a valuable team player.”

Karina Moreno
Property Manager
The John Stewart Compan

Felicia D.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "We work and meet people on a daily basis; prospects, residents, colleagues and once in a while you will have one that leaves you a lasting impression! That is Felicia, I am very grateful she was part of our team. Not only is she excellent at customer service, she managed to adopt one of our core values, she: "OWNED IT" and did so with a smile. Therefore I am very vocal and happy to nominate her as an employee of the year.”

Jeannette Villarreal
Assistant Community Manager
Decron Properties


Gigi S.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "From day one, Gigi has been amazing. She is always listening and learning. We are able to conduct business knowing that Gigi is giving the correct information to people who walk through our sales office doors. She has become a valuable member of the sales team. She is self-motivated and does things without being asked. She is not afraid to go up to prospects and start a conversation on our community and why they should buy from Tri Pointe Connect.”

Ashley Murphy
Community Manager
Tri Pointe Connect


Judi P.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Judi is always reliable, a beautiful representative of Taylor Morrison to warmly welcome our incoming guests, both out-of-town and Phoenix guests. Judi is also much loved by our entire staff. We regard her as a treasure!"

Peggy Pattison
Taylor Morrison


Judy G.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Judy hit the ground running as soon as she arrived. She has a great attitude daily and is always willing to help out with any tasks. Her organization is amazing and she's a valued team member. I enthusiastically nominate Judy for Employee of the Year!”

Tre Vuch
Community Director
FPI Management


Kathy M.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Kathy came to work every day with a smile on her face and willingness to work - She fit right in with our team and it felt like she had always been here!”

Megan Ducharm
Community Manager

LaShonti W.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "I would like to nominate LaShonti because she has proven to be very professional, she is punctual, and completes her tasks and assignments on time. She communicates very well with the residents. And she has great knowledge of how to complete recertifications and other property management skills. She has proven to be a very valuable asset to my team.”

Juana Thomas
Property Manager
Mercy Housing

Maria C.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Maria showed up, I believe the first two quarters of the year, we were in a bind. Not only did she apply herself to the task at hand, she committed to our property in a way I have yet to see a person commit to being the best version of themselves. With limited experience, she grew to be a favorite of our tenants and staff alike. We even offered her a Job prior to her assignment ending. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional.”

Keith Martin
Community Director
FPI Management


Maria L.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Maria is the best temporary employee I’ve had the pleasure to come in contact with. She comes to work with a smile and her infectious positive attitude spills over on all that come in contact with her, especially my residents. Every resident that comes in contact with her either leaves the office smiling or laughing – this is rare at my property. She is just as hard-working as I am, and adapts to change in a drop of a hat! She is simply a BREATH OF FRESH AIR ?!!!”

Lillian Mays
Property Manager


Renee T.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Renee has been great and a pleasure to have in the office. She's reliable and thorough, willing to go above and beyond. She has a very professional speaking voice and she takes instruction and feedback very well. Some residents can be very difficult and she doesn't allow it to bother her. She also gets along very well with the entire team and we enjoy her presence and greatly appreciate her help.”

Kendell Metoyer
Community Director
FPI Management


Rex M.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Great Enthusiasm, great Sense of Humor, professional look and demeanor. Consistently wanting to help out in any way and the prospective buyers love him.”

Deborah Azevedo
Sales Representative
D.R. Horton










Roger A.

Maintenance Technician

Nomination: "He gets things done very fast & takes initiative in other tasks. He communicates effectively regarding any vendors that may need to come out if needed.”

Herlinda Gonzales
Community Manager
WSH Management 


Sheila F.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Sheila was AWESOME, very organized and used her time wisely without being told what to do! She was also very pleasant to work with and very professional. She definitely deserves a GOLD STAR!”

Coni Khatoonian
Regional Portfolio Manager
FPI Management


Sue R.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Sue goes above and beyond. We are very lucky to work with her. Customers love her. She is smart, organized, detail-orientated, reliable, dependable, positive and fun! Thank you Sue!”

Shannon OConnor
New Home Counselor
Beazer Homes











Susan H.

Apartment Leasing Consultant

Nomination: "Susan is a wonderful asset with a pro-active attitude. She confidently takes on her role as if she were employed by the company and not just temping. She has made all of our new/future and current residents feel confident and comfortable working with her. She brings her fresh perspective and is driven to influence change in the name of efficiency and customer service. She is always positive and looking to brighten the day of those she comes into contact with. Susan is always looking for solutions and really listens to find the needs/concerns of others.”

Briana Maystrik
Community Director
FPI Management

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