2020 National Staffing Employee of the Year Award

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Whether you are an employee or a client of JWilliams Staffing, there is something that sets you apart: your high standard for excellence and dedication to providing top notch customer service. That is precisely why we decided to recognize your commitment to greatness with the inaugural National Staffing Employee of the Year award!

Over the last two months, we have collected nominations from our clients to help select the 2020 National Staffing Employee of the Year. We received many submissions and it was incredible to see all of your responses. Our expert team of judges carefully reviewed each response and chose this year’s winner and two runners-up (it was a tie!). These employees consistently went above and beyond in the workplace and left memorable impressions wherever they went.

Without further ado, here are your 2020 National Staffing Employee of the year winners…


Nomination: “Simply put, Cody is AMAZING.  He always goes above and beyond his "title" and is always wanting to learn more about the industry. I know that if I am not here, Cody can handle most questions that prospects would ask. I never have to worry about things not getting done as he has everything completed before I even ask. Buyers and prospects alike LOVE him and always ask about him if he isn't here when they come in. He is such a good person, and I have enjoyed every minute working with him. He is always taking care of his grandmother, mom, and even his twin brother and extended family. He has the most wonderful heart and spirit. I would love to be able to help him win Employee of the Year!”

Jenny Albritton
Sales Counselor
Toll Brothers


Nomination: “It's been my great pleasure to work with Desiree at my office as well as my sister communities. Desiree is a hard worker who welcomes every challenge and has grown tremendously in her position.  She has been asked to step in and adapt at several communities and has exceeded our expectations. Agents and buyers love working with her because of her friendly nature and willingness to help out in all situations. Her attention to detail has been a great asset as we have been asked to do more with less this year. We are very lucky to have Desiree working with the IP team.”

Dave Christensen
Sales Counselor
Irvine Pacific


Nomination: “I am very impressed with Desiree. She came to Irvine Pacific with little new home sales background and has more than excelled at the duties and positive attributes of a sales counselor. She is truly an asset to the Irvine Pacific Team and especially to me. When the opportunity arises, she will make an amazing New Home Sales counselor and I hope I will have the opportunity to be her partner!”

Rendi Hill
Senior Sales Counselor
Irvine Pacific


Nomination: “I can't say enough about this wonderful person!  We call him Macgyver... he is always ready and willing to go the extra mile and "get it done". No task is too small or too big for Greg; even taking me to urgent care when I cut my toe! Greg is extremely intelligent and thoughtful and truly cares about each guest that walks in the door! As an example, one family came in, they were pretty stressed out and kind of took it out on one of our team mates and left. Greg walked out behind them, talked to them, and invited them to come back again. By doing this, the family ended up buying a home and they just closed escrow! They literally said Greg and our team was a God-send and if it wasn't for Greg and our team, they would have missed out on the home!!!  JW...thank you for having the best help in the industry.  You have saved us in so many cases by having the support needed!!!”

Mahtty Kowalik
Senior Sales Consultant
Toll Brothers



Chris F.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: "Chris has worked in several of our communities and each time the agent raves about her. She is beyond helpful and knowledgeable. We can always count on good representation when Chris is called."

Ginna Geren
Sales Manager
Tim Lewis Communities


Carmen J.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “We nominate our Carmen!!!!  She is professional, conscientious, and leaves very detailed notes. She is always willing to go the extra mile!”

Suzanne Jones
Sales Counselor
Meritage Homes


Hector M.

Maintenance Technician

Nomination: “He has great initiative. Takes direction very well. Great Listener. If he didn't know how to complete a task he would research on how to do it and give his very best. If there were no tasks in the work order bin he would ensure that he would find something to do. He stayed busy every minute of the day. He is very friendly and very respectful.”

Herlinda Gonzalez
WSH Management


“Hector M. works hard, is respectful, and he’s a fast learner. We love him!”

Gwen Xu
WSH Management


Jamie S.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “Jamie is a delight to work with. He is diligent, reliable, and very much a people person.  He is organized and pro-active.”

Jasmin Gonzalez
Community Sales Manager
D.R. Horton


Jennifer B.

Leasing Consultant

Nomination: “I would like to nominate Jennifer B. I have worked with her for many years and she is always the first person that comes to mind when we are in need of a temp for assistance. Jennifer is always in a wonderful mood, quickly tackles projects that are provided to her, is eager to learn, and she exercises patience even in the toughest situations. We all love her positive attitude and recommend her to all of our communities.

Thank you for finding us such a gem and we hope to have Jennifer back again!”

Monica Galaviz
Assistant Community Manager


John M.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “John is a Super Star! We appreciate his tenacity and willingness to listen to what the buyers wants and needs are before handing them off to us. He always seems to go above and beyond his call of duty, You ROCK John.”

Christine Williams
New Home Counselor
D.R. Horton


Kelly S.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “Kelly is very professional and has a great knowledge of our product!”

Stella Nava-Walsh
Sales Associate
Century Communities


LeTigra Cr.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “LeTigra did an awesome job at assisting with new sales and customers at our community. Our Community Sales Manager loved working with her; she's great with customers and is always eager to help!”

Wendy Sinderhoff
Sales Agent
Strategic Sales and Marketing


Lillyanna L.

Leasing Consultant

Nomination: “Lilly is an exceptional employee that can quickly adapt to any situation. She has a bubbly and charismatic personality that cannot be duplicated.”

Samantha Viramontes
Sales Manager


Lynn T.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “I nominate my assistant Lynn Tischner, she is absolutely wonderful!! Thank you!”

Honey Lynn Katzvinsky
Project Coordinator
David Weekly Homes


Scott N.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Scott Nelligan. He is always positive, energetic, and dependable. He also has a wonderful way with the prospects and the buyers.”

Gail Ringwald
Senior Sales Counselor
Irvine Pacific


Stephanie D.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “I have had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Day for over a year now. She manages the influx of customers with ease and treats them as if they were guests in her home. I can confidently enjoy my days off when she fills in for me. She is a consummate professional and is a great ambassador of our Toll Brothers brand.”

Ann Tabor
Sales Consultant
Toll Brothers


Sue R.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “Sue is reliable and very knowledgeable about new home sales. She has initiative and she is a joy to work with.”

Jasmin Gonzales
Community Sales Manager
D.R. Horton


Austin O.

New Home Sales Assistant

Nomination: “Austin is extremely efficient, is great with customers, and leaves a detailed paragraph of everything that happened on my days off.”

Loretta Hernandez
Sales Counselor
Liberty Home Builders

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