10 Traits Employers are Looking For

Posted: September, 12, 2021 | Categories: Interview 101 for Job Seekers | Workplace Tips & Professionalism


1. Communication

Be clear and timely with your boss and colleagues. Make sure to answer or return phone calls, emails, or text messages in a timely manner and always double check any message you send out to ensure that you are clear and concise.


2. Work Ethic

Put the company first, be disciplined, and produce quality work. This means not just doing the bare minimum of your job. Make sure to show up 15 minutes early so you’re ready for the work day, go above and beyond what is expected of you, and work to the best of your ability.


3. Honesty

Don’t know the answer? Don’t know how to do something? Be up front about it! DO NOT exaggerate or lie. This might help you short-term, but could put you at risk of losing your employer’s trust in the long run.


4. Team Player

Get involved & genuinely commit to your joint efforts with coworkers. The ability to work effectively in a group is essential to every employer. Regardless of your job or position, you will have to (at some point or another) collaborate with others.


5. Technical Skills

Keep your skills sharp with practice and training courses. Most positions will require certain skills necessary for performing the job functions. If you are hired to perform a certain job, you should have those necessary skills.


6. Problem-Solving

Identify obstacles, come up with valuable solutions, and take them head-on.


7. Teachable

Listen, expand your knowledge, and always try new things. Being teachable means being willing to learn and grow while on the job.


8. Self-starter

Be proactive, embrace challenges, & set high expectations for yourself. This is someone who proactively recognizes needs and takes the initiative to fulfill these needs such as taking on the lead role for a new project or cleaning up an area when it isn’t required of you. 


9. Loyalty

Support your employer’s decisions openly, be forthcoming, & show you care. Loyalty goes both ways. When you prove your loyalty to an employer through your professional work, they develop trust in you.


10. Positivity

Be kind, receive feedback graciously, & think of your day as full of “opportunities” rather than tasks.  People with positive attitudes create healthier work environments and are highly valued by employers.

By JWilliams Staffing

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