10 Tips to Spring Forward in Your Career

Posted: March, 13, 2015 | Categories: Job Tips | News

Now that our clocks have sprung forward and added more sunshine to our days, it's time to start thinking about how we can spring forward in our careers to ensure that we have bright futures. If you've ever felt stuck in your current position while you watch your coworkers advance, we at JWilliams Staffing are here to help. Below are our top 10 tips to help you move up at your current job or move into your dream job.

  1. Take initiative: If you have downtime at work, then find something useful to do. Ask your supervisor if there is something that he or she needs help on. Or, clean a community work space like the break room. If your boss doesn't need any help and everything around the office is clean, then work on improving your skills. There's always something you can do. Finding a good use for the time between projects is what will separate you from your fellow employees.
  2. Do every task as well as you can: So you have downtime, you ask your boss what else you can do, and he or she gives you an assignment that you feel isn't in your job description or even beneath your pay grade. So what? Do that task, and every task you're assigned, as well as you can. Also, whether you're working on your daily assignments or an additional task that your boss assigned to you, make sure to always meet your deadlines. This doesn't just help you get ahead; it will also help you stay employed.
  3. Find a mentor: It's usually easy to find the top workers at your job. They're the ones who your boss goes to for help or advice. They're also the ones that always seem on top of their jobs. Pay attention to what they do, and learn from them. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Find out what techniques already work and emulate them. Also, find a way to collaborate with well-respected employees. It's a great way to learn new skills, develop relationships and get noticed by supervisors at your organization.
  4. Don't make negative comments: Have you ever heard the phrase, 'misery loves company'?? Every work environment will provide opportunities for negativity. However, negative comments in the workplace will drag everyone down. Don't get sucked in. Avoid workplace gossip. Even when your boss comes to you for information on a fellow employee, find a way to uplift your coworker by commenting on his or her positive contributions.
  5. Own up to your mistakes: There will come a time when you mess up at work. It happens to everyone. However, admitting to your mistakes will go a long way with your employers. After you own up to your mistake, ask what you can do to rectify it. Never try to hide your mistakes or blame them on someone else. Also, once you've messed up, make sure that you don't make the same mistake twice. It shows that you pay attention and can follow directions.
  6. Be succinct in your communication: Get to the point as quickly as possible in all of your business communications. We often feel that we might leave something out, so we provide too much information. Whether you're sending an email or talking to someone face-to-face, just give the need-to-know facts. If the person you're communicating with needs more details or clarification, they will ask. But, don't make them listen to four minutes of you talking or read five paragraphs of an email before you get to the point.
  7. Always present yourself professionally: Get a good night's sleep, take a shower and put on professional attire. Never show up to work looking like you just rolled out of bed. Your boss and your coworkers will inevitably make assumptions about your work ethic based on your appearance. If you look slovenly, then your supervisor might assume that your performance will be sloppy as well. If you look put-together, then your boss will think you're a go-getter with a take-charge attitude.
  8. Show up early: Have you ever heard the saying, 'if you're on time, you're late'?? Make sure to arrive to work 10 to 15 minutes early so that you can have time to settle in, take off your coat, make your morning coffee, check your email and get a game plan for your day. You'll feel less stressed, and you'll be able to hit the ground running when your work day starts, which will make your boss happy.
  9. Try to find the answer on your own: Your boss is a busy person. He or she doesn't have time to answer simple questions that you can find on your own. If you want to get ahead a work, make Google your new best friend. And, if your boss tells you something once, make sure you write it down. The worst thing you can do is ask your supervisor to repeat something that he or she already said. It will make you look incompetent.
  10. Take time for yourself: When you're a part of a fast-paced work environment or have a stressful job, it's easy to get burned out quickly. Make sure to schedule time daily to unwind. Turn off your phone, log out of your email and do something that you enjoy. Whether it's going to the gym, taking a bath or reading that novel that's been sitting on your shelf for a year, doing something just for you will make you a happier person overall. It will also go a long way to improving your attitude while at work.

At JWilliams Staffing, we are here to offer the help you need to not only get ahead at your current job, but also find the job of your dreams. For more information on our real estate staffing services, visit the JWilliams Staffing website today.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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