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JWilliams Staffing | Real Estate Staffing Agency in North Carolina

When North Carolina’s Two Largest Cities Make The Top 10 U.S. “Fastest Growing” List… It’s Time For You To “Staff For Success” With JWilliams Staffing.

North Carolina’s economy is on the move with growing financial, technology and biochemistry jobs. Jobs always drive housing, and that means you as a builder will have to find a way to build and sell to meet the growing demand. JWilliams Staffing helps keep things growing by keeping sales offices open when you’re short on staff or need extra help.

A sales office is useless with a closed sign on the door. Avoid missing revenue opportunities by allowing JWS to fill your empty chairs with top real estate talent.  Imagine the tenacity of the Carolina Panthers combined with the agility of the Charlotte Hornets, and you’ll see why JWS became the nation’s leading provider of temporary and full-time sales professionals. We respond quickly. People who make our team are well drafted, trained and coached to get business done in the most professional manner possible.

With rapid growth in the real estate market, staffing requirements frequently change. You know how difficult it can be when sales meetings, illness, training or other unforeseen events keep your best people off the job. You can count on JWilliams Staffing for one-stop, full-service order processing that will send you personally-selected candidates that offer you the best experience and cultural fit.

The best candidates who want a lasting career in new home sales are attracted to JWilliams because of our exceptional screening and training programs. We complete the picture with ongoing coaching and communication that keeps our team abreast of the latest. Our candidates stand behind our promise to staff for success, and we stand behind them with the latest tools, techniques and opportunities for advancing their careers.

Some of the areas where we can help:

  • New Home Sales Assistants
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • General Office, Admin and Accounting Staff
  • Escrow and Mortgage Professionals
  • Executive Level Placement
  • Industry Support Professionals
  • Special Event. Grand Opening Specialists

Our North Carolina real estate staffing and recruitment locations include, but are not limited to:

  • Charlotte 
  • Raleigh/Durham

For over 15 years, we’ve built this company by forming partnerships in professionalism between expert recruiters and respected real estate employers, assigning one associate with one employer at a time. We keep up on North Carolina housing trends, participate in regional industry associations and hire people who demonstrate commitment and a visible pride in “The Old North State” and its promising future. When you need to staff for success, call JWilliams Staffing.



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