Top Paying Jobs For Y Generation

Posted: May, 20, 2014 | Categories: Job Tips

The Mellenials are entering the workforce, and they are looking for opportunities in a unique way versus generations before them. This is a group of tech savvy individuals who want to earn big and save smart for future retirement. With a different set of expectations than their parents and grandparents, Generation Y workers are seeking high paying jobs with growth potential. analyzed some of the jobs available to Generation Y workers, and they came up with a list of the top paying prospects for these dynamic individuals to consider.


Petroleum Engineer


Society remains heavily dependent upon fossil fuels but also aware of the environmental concerns related to drilling. Petroleum engineers make decisions about where and how to drill for oil. They may assist in designing equipment, finding new ways to force more oil out of existing wells or using computer controlled drilling techniques to make the process safer and more efficient. The median annual salary for this position is $98,100, and a bachelor's degree is required for entry into the workforce.

Senior Software Engineer

Industries of all sizes are increasingly dependent upon computers and software to manage the day-to-day tasks of their businesses. With the growing need for innovative software programs comes an increased need for talented senior software engineers. These professionals develop and maintain software for industries and independent business owners. Generation Y members are particularly well-suited for this industry because they have grown up with tech savvy abilities and can understand the dynamics of effective, easy to use software solutions. This position offers a median salary of $80,600 annually, and a bachelor's degree is required.

Account Director

Generation Y members enjoy living social lives, and this helps them to develop excellent communication and relationship building skills. These skills come in handy when taking on the day to day challenges of an account director. Account directors use their leadership skills to manage lower level account executives and establish and maintain relationships with important clients. Entry into this career usually requires a bachelor's degree, and many large corporations and well respected accounts require at least six years of on the job experience. Individuals in this field can expect a median annual salary of $76,200.

IT Program Manager


Every industry depends on technology, and many professionals look to IT program managers to keep their technological projects running smoothly and on-time. Individuals in this field must work hard to stay ahead of the game when it comes to technological advances. These individuals also sometimes serve in a management or training capacity, and excellent people and communication skills are considered assets in this field. Most IT program managers have a bachelor's degree and at least four years of field experience. The median annual salary is $75,100.

Sales Director

Sales directors manage key accounts for organizations, and they also often oversee lower level sales associates. Many professionals working in these positions have excellent analytical skills, and they are able to quickly and effectively identify sales targets and develop innovative ways to meet them. Sales directors typically have a bachelor's degree and five or more years of experience. They can expect a median annual salary of $74,600.

The recent Generation Y graduates have a lot to look forward to. With their unique combination of social skills and their high level of technical abilities, there are many great, high paying opportunities available in the job force. This list offers a few suggestions, and there are many more to discover with a little time and research.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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