Temporary Staffing Offers Flexibility and Reduces Costs

Posted: August, 19, 2013 | Categories: Job Tips | Staffing Agency Info | Customer Service

How Real Estate Staffing Can Help Business Grow

The market continues at robust levels, with new communities coming on line at a rapid pace. These sales and rental increases create significant staffing challenges for builders, property management and sales and marketing companies. Reasons for the recent shift away from traditional staffing models include the flexibility, reduced costs, and an ability to review the person's performance before making a permanent employment decision. There has also been a remarkable improvement in the quality of the temporary workforce.

The factors impacting staffing requirements seem endless including turnover, illness, leaves of absence, new community openings, phase releases, lease-ups, special events, closeouts and year end closings. Successful companies build flexibility into their business plan and adapt to change more quickly. Temporary staffing provides an optional resource.

By outsourcing a portion of their staffing, companies are able to utilize qualified temporary staff short-term or long-term, providing the ability to correct and change staffing levels when necessary. Moreover, the cost of constant recruitment, screening, hiring and training of staff is extremely costly.

Companies are avoiding costly hiring mistakes by utilizing temp to hire services. This option helps minimize risk by reviewing the candidates performance, attitude, reliability and compatibility to the existing staff before making the decision on a full-time hire.

Former concerns regarding the quality of temporary workers have been minimized by JWilliams Staffing through the implementation of training programs, skills assessments and background and reference checks. JWS has industry leading training programs for all staff and features the BERKE Assessment to evaluate skill sets of each candidate.

The trend toward outsourcing labor to maximize cost efficiency is expected to continue as we move forward thru 2016. Companies are realizing the advantages of the flexibility, cost reductions and ability to 'try before you buy'?.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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