Spring Forward and Change Your Mindset

Posted: March, 20, 2014 | Categories: Uncategorized

On Sunday morning, America either lost an hour of sleep or gained an hour of sunshine. Consider this, when you were resetting your clock on Saturday night before bed, did you think you were loosing that sleep or gaining that sunshine?

Theory of Daylight Saving Time

By synchronously resetting all clocks in a region to be one hour ahead of Standard Time (one hour 'fast'), individuals will wake an hour earlier than they would have otherwise; they will begin and complete daily work routines an hour earlier, and they will have an extra hour of daylight after their workday activities.

Proponents of Day Light Savings time generally argue that it saves energy, promotes outdoor leisure activity in the evening, reduces traffic accidents, reduces crime, is good for business and is therefore good for physical and psychological health. Groups that tend to support DST are urban workers or professionals, retail businesses, outdoor sports enthusiasts and businesses, tourism operators, and others who benefit from increased light during the evening.

Opponents argue that actual energy savings are inconclusive, increases the risk of heart attack, can disrupt morning activities, and that the act of changing clocks twice a year is economically and socially disruptive, therefore cancels out any benefit. Groups that have tended to oppose DST are farmers, transportation companies and indoor entertainment businesses.

Again, the glass is either half full or half empty.


Many of us work in an office environment. We arrive a specific time each day and conclude approximately 8 hours later. Now, at the end of that period you emerge from your workplace to daylight and even possibly sunshine. The promise of sunlight more times than not brings a smile to your face. Most notably because you feel as though you've gained 'time'? for yourself. Time to finish that task: grocery shopping, walking the dog, or the you feel as though you have enough energy to take on another project, evening class or meeting with friends. Whatever it is, it seems so much more attainable in daylight.

When we change our clocks twice a year, they tell us to change the batteries in the smoke detector. What if when we change the clocks we also remember to change our mind set. Take a moment to consider what you'll do with that extra daylight. Will you make good use of it?

Benjamin Franklin said, 'Time is Money'?
Our parents told us 'Don't waste time'?

Apparently if all we've learned so far is true '“ TIME is actually a commodity. So as you emerge from your office this evening, take a look at the opportunities you have.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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