Real Estate Staffing: What It Is And How It Works

Posted: August, 5, 2013 | Categories: Temporary Staffing | Customer Service

Companies that specialize in real estate staffing services such as JWilliams Staffing provide clients with an invaluable service. We not only work to match qualified real estate professionals with temporary and permanent jobs, but also strive to facilitate the success of businesses to operate at an optimal level of productivity and efficiency. By tapping into a large network of licensed and experienced real estate professionals, our real estate staffing agency can meet all the staffing needs of real estate businesses of all types ranging from property managers to leasing agencies.

Our primary role is to find, evaluate and match job seekers with real estate employers. But we don't just match a resume with a job; we diligently work to connect the right person with the right job. We utilize resources and tools, like the Berke Job Fit Assessment, to help place our candidates in positions they will enjoy and excel at. Whether it's a single property manager that's needed or a complete staff of home sales personnel, only the best candidates that can be counted on are referred to the client in need of help.

How Does a Real Estate Staffing Agency Work?

To better explain how a real estate staffing agency like JWS works, let's imagine this scenario: A real estate company which has been enjoying great success finds itself in need of additional new home sales agents to help manage the new growth. Instead of having to place a 'Help Wanted'? ad in the local newspaper, the company can simply place an order through our website. We then work with that company to determine how we can meet and exceed those needs. Then, our team works with the candidates in our staffing network to match those individuals who are not only well qualified, but best suited for the position. As the #1 real estate staffing agency in the nation, we have the largest network of professionals and the most experience providing companies with the staff they need to grow. We are committed to excellent customer service and satisfaction–we guarantee it!

Why Trust a Real Estate Staffing Agency?

Finding the right person or team of people is key to the success of every company. Unfortunately, that process can be excruciatingly time consuming and many companies cannot afford to dedicate the resources required to screen, interview, and train new candidates. Even after all that work is done there is no guarantee that new hire will be right for the job or integrate with the team. This is just one of the many problems we solve on a daily basis for our clients. JWilliams Staffing places more candidates than all other real estate staffing agencies combined and we can guarantee our candidates. All of the professionals in our network are not only pre-screened, but they are also fully insured, bonded, have Worker's Compensation, E&O and general liability.

Allow us to take the responsibility of placing the right candidates for your company. Place an order or Contact us today and we will show you why we are the #1 agency in the industry!

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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