Real Estate Jobs: Why Dallas is One of the Top 20 Places to Sell New Homes in America

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US News recently published an analysis on the top 125 places to live in America in 2018. The analysis considered value, desirability, market, and quality of life. Ranked at #18 in the US News Best Places to Live and #11 in the Best Places to Retire list, Dallas is one of the top 20 locations in America to both live and retire. Having one of the fastest growing job and real estate markets in the country also makes Dallas one of the best places to sell new homes.

Dallas has experienced an influx of diverse residents looking for new homes in response to the city’s rapidly growing job market and symbiotic balance between big city and small town life. This increase in prospective homebuyers in such a desirable area creates a perfect environment for those looking into new home sales. When you understand the value, demographics, and real estate market in Dallas, it’s easy to see how everyone can benefit from the city’s flourishing popularity.


The Value of Living in Dallas

For many homebuyers, the appeal of Dallas comes from the ability one has to experience big-city energy and suburban security all in one place. The metro area of Dallas has trendy bars and shops which lend to its exciting atmosphere. The surrounding suburban area offers great schools and beautiful new homes, providing residents with a slower paced lifestyle and a safe place to raise a family. Many young professionals choose to live close to the bustling metro area, while families typically settle on the quieter outlying suburbs. No matter what lifestyle your homebuyer is after, there’s a neighborhood in Dallas that suits them.

Another draw for residents is that famous Texas pride and there is no shortage of pride in Dallas, Texas. Between athletic games and some of the best Tex-Mex restaurants in the state, there’s always excitement to be found in the city. Dallas is home to some of the most famous sports teams, including the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers. During football season, you’ll find Dallas metro areas packed with die-hard fans and those in the outlying suburbs celebrating in their neighborhoods with friends and family.

Dallas isn’t just appealing for its balanced lifestyle and athletic comradery, their job market is also booming for working professionals. The Dallas metro area is home to over 21 Fortune 500 companies including JC Penney, Exxon Mobil, and Texas Instruments. Since 2015, Dallas has experienced an average annual job growth rate of 3.42% with over 119,000 new job opportunities. Compared to a national job growth rate of 1.2%, more jobs are being created in Dallas than almost any other city in the nation. With a rapidly growing job market, families from around the country are moving to Dallas in search of opportunity and a place to call home.

As more and more families are looking to move to Dallas, this metro area’s real estate market has experienced a significant growth in new home sales. In fact, Dallas has become home to one of America’s fastest growing housing markets.


The Housing Market in Dallas

In the last decade, Dallas has increased in population by almost 2 million people. At a 12% growth rate, Dallas’s population growth has surpassed the national population growth by almost triple. People are flooding into Dallas at a higher rate than almost any other city in the United States today. So, what does this mean for those looking to potentially sell new homes in the area? With so many new residents looking to buy their first home or the home they plan on retiring in, the market for Dallas homebuilders will continue to grow. According to a study done by Zillow, the Dallas real estate market is expected to continue growing at a rapid rate throughout 2019.

With an influx in population, Dallas has become one of the most lucrative places to invest in the housing market. According to Forbes, Dallas was the best market to invest in housing in 2017. We can attribute this to the fact that the average investment property in Dallas was (and is) more affordable and generates a higher monthly income than similar properties nationwide.

In a recent consumer poll by JPMorgan Chase, Dallas ranked as the #1 Housing Market in America with a housing confidence index of 73.2 (national average of 66.3). According to Terry Loebs, founder of Pulseconomics, “The record results were driven by healthy assessments of local real estate market conditions among existing homeowners, but even more so by surging expectations among renters.” He also added that “seven in ten renters now express confidence in their ability to afford a home someday, and nearly three-quarters of those with an opinion say that buying a home is the best long-term investment a person can make.”

Those looking into real estate jobs in new home sales should definitely keep Dallas on the top of their list.


The Demographics and Desirability of Dallas

Dallas is a diverse city and home to a variety of residents from young families looking for their first home to retirees looking for a property to spend the rest of their life in.

Based on data from the US census:

  • About 55% of Dallas residents are home owners at the median age of 33 years old.
    • This means that the majority of people who move to Dallas, do so with the intent of buying a new home. A fantastic statistic for those looking into new home sales jobs.
  • Only about 35% of residents are single. Most of which, choose to live in the city.
    • This means that the remaining 65% of citizens (the strong majority) are young families possibly looking to buy a new home.
  • The median household income of a Dallas resident is about $41,827.
    • Due to the affordability of Dallas housing, families can survive comfortably on a lower income and are more likely to buy a home.
  • The majority of people who live in Dallas are commuters, about 95% commute by car and live in the outlying suburban areas.
    • With an amazing 95% of residents being commuters, citizens are more likely to buy a home in the outlying suburban areas than rent in the city.
  • The city itself and outlying suburbs also experience very little crime. Dallas has about a 70% lower crime rate than Austin, making Dallas both a safe and affordable place to live.

For those looking into new home sales jobs in Dallas, look no further than Dallas, Texas. With a booming job market, balanced city and suburban lifestyle, and low crime rate, you can be confident that you are providing all of your Dallas new home buyers with the best possible experience.


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