Our Amazing Experience at the 2013 Jeff Shore Sales & Marketing Summit

Posted: September, 12, 2013 | Categories: Building Industry News

The 2013 Jeff Shore Sales & Marketing Summit this year was an incredible experience for personal and professional growth and improvement. The core values and themes shared during the summit serve as an exceptional source of motivation as well as, validated our own goal to continually challenge ourselves to offer better service. Constant improvement counters the stagnation from settling with your current best!

Since the summit was such a success for us we wanted to share some of our notes and thoughts in hopes of inspiring you.

Resolve Potential Complexities Before Substantial Growth

Positive and long-term growth is the result of good planning and thoughtful strategy, whereas simply basing growth on knee-jerk type reactions often introduces increased complexities. Consider the following:

  • Avoid multiplying out of complexity
  • Simplifying helps lead to multiplying
  • Manage complexity to help alleviate stress
  • Purpose without action results in a zero sum gain
  • People who aren't hindered by stress are empowered to do remarkable things



There's nothing quite like learning from passionate teachers who are excited to share their knowledge. Watch the following video of highlights from the Sales & Marketing Summit held in Austin, TX this year.



We've attended several Jeff Shore Summits over the years and we believe it to be a worthwhile event every time. There is no summary that can recreate the experience of being in the audience and interacting with Jeff, the guest speakers, and other attendees. Consider next year's event a must see!

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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