One Can at a Time: Arizona’s Unique Food Drive

Posted: August, 22, 2018 | Categories: Tips for the Workplace | Company and Industry News

Summertime is the perfect time of year for team JWS to get involved in our communities. This last month, our very own Steven Losinske, Vice President - Arizona, did just that. For the last 5 years, Steven and his wife Kathy have participated in St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance’s Canstruction competition, which has donated over 500,000 meals in the 12 years since this annual event began. This year alone, their efforts helped St. Mary’s donate over 35,000 cans to the homeless and less fortunate in Arizona.

For over a decade, St. Mary’s Canstruction competition has encouraged hundreds of people across Arizona to donate and get involved. Steven and his wife are just a couple of these outstanding participants. Every year, Steven helps lead the volunteers and assists in both the preparation and de-canstruction of the competition. With about three months of planning and working with volunteers and local stores, this event takes an impressive amount of time and effort. This year, construction workers, engineers, and architects from 19 companies came together to create fascinating canstructures that were comprised of cans of food that will be donated to families across Arizona.

Seven teams competed to design the most creative and unique canstructure. From a scene out of the Pixar movie Up to an astronaut on the moon, the canstructures are a playful and fun sight to take in. The Canstruction event is an inventive and collaborative way for people to get involved with their community and donate to an important cause. One of the structures that stood out the most this year was the structure “Turtle Power”, which won Best Original Design.

Lindsey Schultz of Meyer Construction spoke to the excitement of their winning canstructure sharing, “Last year, we actually did Mario Brothers, where we actually built Mario and he was 10-feet tall, so our 90s childhood is always kind of been fun to showcase, so Ninja Turtles was appropriate because we have some small children that are also big fans."

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance’s Canstruction competition inspires people across Arizona to get involved in their community. By participating annually in this creative event, Steven and his wife exemplify what it means to be a team member, contribute to your community, and how to have fun while doing it.

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By JWilliams Staffing

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