Now is a Great Time for the Seattle Real Estate Market

Posted: March, 6, 2015 | Categories: Building Industry News

Are you a resident in the Puget Sound area that has been looking to make a career change? Would you like a job where you can interact with people every day and build lasting relationships? If your answers are yes, then it may be time to consider a career in real estate. From special event staff to new home sales professionals, there are several opportunities to work in this exciting industry and JWilliams Staffing is here to help. We have the knowledge and resources to help you succeed at a career in real estate and are partnered with some of the top home builders within the Puget Sound.

If you have been considering a move to real estate for awhile, you may be asking 'why now?'? Well, the good news is that not only is the national real estate market improving, but so is the Seattle market. In December, Seattle closed out 2014 with one of the strongest home price gains in the country. Month-over-month the average price of existing single-family homes sold in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties increased by 1.2 percent. Even more, year-over-year the average Seattle-area home price rose 6.6 percent.


These increases show that the market is slowly making its way back to 'normal'?, making this an exciting time to get involved in the Seattle housing industry.

One reason for the buyer demand is the impressive growth that Seattle is experiencing. Companies, such as Amazon, T-Mobile and Microsoft, are increasing job opportunities, which in turn have led to an increase of individuals relocating to Seattle. In fact, a 2013 Census resulted in Seattle being named the fastest-growing big city in the US with the expectation that Seattle will attract approximately 100,000 more people and 115,000 more jobs by 2035.

With the expected increase in population and job opportunities, it is no wonder that the real estate market in Seattle is expected to continue its improvement.

All of this excitement in the Seattle real estate market is one of the main reasons we launched operations in the Puget Sound in the summer of 2014. Led by Janis Randazzo, with over 25 years of industry expertise, the talented team at JWilliams Staffing Seattle is here to help you find success in the real estate market. From ongoing training to connecting you with our fantastic clients, we are here to support you in achieving your career goals.

For more information on real estate job opportunities in Seattle, visit the JWilliams Staffing website today.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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